His cock helps him because he has a big one because otherwise this corpulent blonde would break him

His cock helps him because he has a big one because otherwise this corpulent blonde would break him

I watch her several times a week. Her beauty takes my breath away. I cannot stop. It started a few weeks ago. I was sitting in front of my computer thinking of something to do. I'd just completed several rote tasks and earned my day's pay and wanted something to do. Not that there weren't a half million thing I could do, or should do, but I just didn't feel like it. So I did what I always do when this happens, I turned to the Internet for sex. I figured that if I jerk off, maybe I'll be able to concentrate and perhaps find some motivation. At least, that was my excuse. First, I scanned my email to see if maybe, just maybe, there was some work to do or maybe one of my peeps were looking for me. Nope, nothing, just some spam. I opened a couple of dating sites. I signed up and paid some money and utterly wasted every penny. These sites are a total waste. Except for small cliques of orgy enthusiasts, nobody ever hooks up. One of the sites seems to be overpopulated with trannies and that novelty doesn't do much for me. One of the sites has an instant messenger that runs cams and lately, I've checked out some of the men, women and couples showing off. Sometimes, there is even a sexy show camming from around the block or around the world. And some are even good looking! I scanned down the list and clicked on several cammers. The small popup windows quickly stacked-up on my desktop. Hmmm...a fat guy sitting in front of his computer playing with a little penis. Click on the "x". A very fat lady with humongous tits, another click on the "x". A blank screen. Click. More fat ladies. Click. Click. Click. A young guy in a yellow tee shirt typing. Click. Wait a minute, what's this? Well, hello! She stood ten feet away from the camera. She was tall and thin and beautiful. I mean, omigod beautiful. I immediately became riveted to this woman and didn't move for several minutes. I just stared at the screen as she whirled and posed. Hmm, she had a nice rack. She looked like a fashion model but one with tits, and real beauties, too. She was modest. She was dressed scantily but enough covering her to leave much to the imagination. There was music in the background as she danced and she seemed to be having fun and showing off to one particular viewer. What a body. Her deep cocoa skin was flawless and her undulations were the ultimate of seduction. Her skin had an especially luminous glow; she was not black, not white but some wondrous combination. Even though she had no idea my eyes were beyond her camera, she danced for me and me alone. I was hooked. She stopped dancing and leaned into the camera. Smiling, she said, "I love to dance for you...oh you want me to dance naked? You know I won't do that. You want to see my breasts? Here. Here are my breasts." She leaned her light blue bra-covered melons into the camera. She palmed them together and pushed them up pronouncing her magnificent cleavage. Then she pulled back allowing me to watch as she cupped one breast and caressed it. Her fingers scooped into the bra as she fondled a nipple. Her hand pushed the bra down a bit and now I could see her brown areola between her fingers. There was not enough space to see a nipple but that was what she did; how she drew you in. It was as though her finger was asking me to get up closer...to lick it...wha??? To lick the screen? Did I say that? I backed off and took a breath. Was I being seduced or was this some hypnotist's trick? I took another deep breath. She seemed to sense that there was a break in the continuum. She, too, backed off the screen. She said, "I have to go, my sweet pussy. Glen is coming home soon. Are you still coming over for a skinny-dip later? Good. We'll play later. Bye, love." She stopped broadcasting. "Well, this was a first. I think that maybe I need to get outside. I think maybe I need to find a life again. This is nuts." All this ran through my head and I got up from the computer desk. A few minutes later, I was driving toward the beach and the promise of a beautiful sunset (something I enjoy each night). The idea that I was seduced by an online cam chick simply blew my mind and I could not shake it. I thought of all the existential absurdities and I thought of my own weaknesses. I sat alone on the beach until it was dark before I headed home. Over the next week, I tried to keep my libido in check but it was oh, so difficult. Even though I cut back on my sex surfing, I seemed to jerk off more than my usual once a day. Damn, I needed some human contact sex - and soon. One afternoon, my curiosity got the better of me and I found myself reading the IM list to see who was camming when I saw her handle. I clicked on to see her in an animated conversation. I couldn't hear the other person but it was clear that she was speaking directly to the camera. "I know that's what you want but you can't have it. My pussy is not for everyone to see...yes, you can see it. I like when you lick it." She stood up and stretched. She was wearing a light pink bra and her large nipples showed through. She was also wearing a small pink thong. As she finished her stretch, she turned an put her ass into the camera. Ouch! I nearly banged my dick against the screen. She jumped back off as if she felt me poke her. She turned around, her pink thong revealing a delicious puffy camel-toe. She said, "I'll see you later, silly," and she turned off the cam. I quickly clicked on her profile. There were a half dozen pictures of her in slightly revealing clothes and poses. There was not much information but I learned that she was indeed a model. I also learned that she was into women. She's been camming to a woman. This news just made me stiffer. This went on over a few weeks. I had a new hobby taking up my time. I couldn't believe that I was into watching a tall, leggy black model dance around in her skivvies. Her power over me reminded me of David Bromberg's song Sharon: "Oh what you do to these men!" and "You know the same rowdy crowd that was here last night is back again!" And I was there each night waiting online with a ticket in my hand just to watch her crawl on her belly like a reptile. I was pathetic. So that brings me up to the present. Earlier today, after watching my favorite girl beguile me again, I tucked my stiffie into my shorts and headed down to the gulf to watch the sun set into the sea. I found my favorite dune, rolled out my blanket and sat down. I pulled my pipe from my pocket and filled the bowl. It was about a half hour to sundown and so I had a while to smooth out. I opened my thermos and took a swig of some Italian red that had been in there for a couple of days. It wasn't great but the wine wasn't dead yet. I took a couple of deep puffs from my pipe and I drifted into a semi-meditative state. I guess about fifteen minutes must have passed until the sound of nearby voices brought me back to the present. A couple was walking towards me. "Do you mind if we watch the sunset with you?" "No, not at all. But with all this nearly deserted beach in front of us, why pick this spot? Just seems curious to me and begs the question." "Well, if this is the spot where that sweet smell of smoke was coming from a few minutes ago, this is where we want to sit." They both smiled broadly which caused me to laugh. "Come over here and join me. My name is Ray." "Hello, Ray. I'm Jon, short for Jonathan and this is my wife, Becca, short for..." "I get it, Jon." I took my tin out of my pocket and filled the pipe. I handed it to Becca. She took my lighter and inhaled. I was surprised she didn't cough. It's pretty good weed but it does have a bite. She passed it to Jon, who proceeded to inhale and then cough. I laughed again. I couldn't help it. "Thanks, Ray, I needed that." Becca was smiling as she took the pipe back from Jon. "Look, Becca, even though you just bogarted that bowl, I'll let it go...this time. You have to catch up to me." Now the sun was beginning to meet its evening destiny and I focused on the sight as they toked up. A perfectly yellow ball began to sink into the sea. Occasional rays shot up and out from the corona as the sky turned a reddish hue streaked with deep blue. "Oh, that is so beautiful. I think that is the nicest sunset we've seen. Don't you think, Jon?" "Yeah, well...that sunset a couple of days ago was pretty good." She began to laugh and turned to me. "He's just saying that because we had the french doors open in our bedroom and we were having sex as the sun set." "I can't believe she just said that but she's right." Jon was grinning now. I turned to Becca. "Then Jon is right. Sunset and fucking beats sunset anytime. In fact, I'd have to say that the sunset a couple of days ago was better. I left my blinds open and I was jerking-off when the sun set." All of us laughed. We were high, we were goofy and we laughed. "So are you two tourists?" "Yeah, I guess, sort of. I'm attending a medical convention down here for a few more days and we're staying up the road at the Ritz." "How do you like it?" "It's our first time here and we've had a great time. The weather here is awesome." "And where are you from?" "Cincinnati. It's Becca's first time to Florida." "Yeah, and I like it a lot. I could move here in a heart beat. But I'm getting cold, Jon, let's go grab a bite before we head back. And Ray, since we honed in on your dope and your peace, will you join us? Our treat?" "I'd be a fool to pass that up. There's a food shack right across the street that's supposed to be pretty good." "Great. Let's go. I've got the munchies." "I'll go check the menu." Becca jumped up and scampered toward the street. Jon followed her as I slowly folded the blanket, got all my gear and headed over to my car to stow them. As Jon and Becca were ahead of me, I had the opportunity to check them out. Becca, she was the perky one, I sensed a bit of mischief in her. I figured them both to be in their mid-forties. They were both good looking with somewhat athletic bodies. Becca's butt sashayed beautifully as I watched her cross the street. She had some funk, I could tell. Jon, on the other hand, seemed to walk professionally. I sensed that he might be a bit more uptight than his wife but I also figured that she was the one who got him to do things outside his narrow comfort zone. As someone once said (or maybe it was me), "When mama's snapper snaps, papa jumps." That was my amateur psych profile as I crossed the street. "This place looks great. They'll have a table in a moment. How 'bout a drink while we wait, Ray?" "Sure, Jon. I'll just have a cold beer, whatever lager's on tap." We were led to a small table in the corner. After a quick perusal of the menu, we ordered a bunch of appetizers: shrimp, wings and riblets. This was an ideal munchie meal and we devoured it in short order, even as we laughed, giggled, joked and had fun. We all were very comfortable with each other. The beer had passed through me and I excused myself to the bathroom. When I returned a few minutes later, Becca excused herself. Jon had ordered me another beer and it arrived as I sat back down. "Oh, I don't know about another beer. I have to drive, you know." "Well, that brings up a question. Becca and I would like you to come back to our room. Would you?" I gave him an odd look. "Sure. I guess so. I only have a couple of bowls left but..." "That's good. But that's not what I mean; what I mean is would you come back to our hotel room and have sex with us. You know, a threesome. We talked this over while you were in the john and Becca is hot for you." "And this is okay with you? I mean, sure I would love to fuck your wife." "I'll also be involved. You know, a threesome..." I smiled. "Sure, man. I'd like that a lot." I took his hand and we shook. He seemed a little nervous yet I felt that he had conviction in his request. Becca returned and Jon quickly told her that I had agreed to join them. She smiled and said, sotto voce, "Then, let's get out of here. Jon, take care of the bill. I'll be outside having a smoke.
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" "I'll join you." Outside, I lit her cigarette and then my own. I looked at her closely now. I liked those tits, probably a large 34 or a small 36. I looked in her eyes. "Will you let me eat your pussy?" "Will I? I can't wait. We're going to have some fun." "And Jon is all right with this?" "I have taken my sweet husband places he never dreamed about, my friend. The answer is yes, he is very all right with this and is excited, too." "That makes three of us." "My car is over here. Follow me, okay? And take Becca, she'll show you where to park." In the three minutes it took to drive up to the Ritz-Carlton Resort, I'd placed my palm over the crotch of her tan shorts as she stroked my boner. She had me park in the back, near the back entrance to the hotel where Jon met us. We walked the quiet hallway up to the quiet elevator and stopped on the top floor, which was, you guessed it, very quiet. Their suite was large and expansive with a wall of windows looking out on the star-covered sea. Jon opened the door and we walked out onto the large balcony. It was a beautiful sight. The moon was just bright enough to cause the tops of the swells to twinkle. I took my stash from my pocket and filled the bowl. Quietly, we all toked up. Jon coughed again. After a couple of hits, Becca walked over to the outside tub and turned it on. In the darkness, the bubbling clear water looked so inviting. "I'm going to get freshened up," she said. "Jon, you get some drinks." "I think that maybe I'll have that beer now, Jon." "Oh, I don't think we have any beer. I think we have some red wine. Want some of that?" "Sure, I prefer red wine. That works." Jon returned with three glasses and we sat down around the small balcony table. "Have you ever been in a threesome, Ray?" he asked. "Yes, I have." "I mean, with another man?" "Yes, Jon. It's cool. You can touch me if you like. I enjoy sex in lots of variations. I'll also use rubbers if you like, although I recently had a check-up and I'm clean. I'm also vasectomized." Becca returned from the bedroom. She was wearing a hotel robe and holding fresh towels. "I like the sound of that. So, who's joining me? Wait a second, where's that pipe?" She toked up and then let the robe slip from her shoulders. "Ta-da!," she exclaimed, "not bad for a mother of two, huh?" "No way! You look great, Becca." I wasn't kidding. This woman was in great shape. Hers were beautifully round happy tits with perky nipples. No belly. Short wispy pubes. "Very nice." "Stop gaping, you guys and jump in." Jon and I were both naked and sliding into the tub. I looked over and saw that his dick was a bit smaller and thinner than my own. "Nice cock, Ray," Becca said with admiration. Jon smiled and nodded in agreement. As I sat down next to her, her small hand felt me up. "Oh, honey, his dick is beautiful. Isn't it?" "Yes, dear, it looks great." "I'm glad you both approve. But first, I have to do something, if you don't mind." I pulled Becca to me and lifted her up so she sat in my lap, my cock along her slit. "I want to feel this woman against me. Come on, Rebecca, rub your breasts against my chest." She leaned in. I could feel her outer lips riding my shaft. Her breasts rubbed against me, nipple to nipple. I held her with one hand as my other hand slid along her side until it cupped one breast. "Mmmm. You feel good, Becca." "No, it's you, Ray. How about we skip this tub and head right for the bed?" Like the Pied Piper leading the rats out of town, we followed her to the bed. As we toweled off, I refilled and lit the bowl again. This time, I took the first hit. "Let me have that, Ray. Here, now you lay down on your back while I toke on this...as I...slide...down...onto your...cock...aaah. That feels so good." She rocked on me and I slipped into her as we fell into a leisurely rhythm. Several times, I arched up and she let out a moan as she bottomed down. She was tight. She felt good. And then I felt Jon's tongue on my balls. He was sliding his tongue down her ass, around my balls and back up. I pulled her down toward me and began to suckle her nipple. My hands pulled her full, round beauties into my face. She was now in a position where her ass was higher. This allowed Jon to have more room to lick. It also caused her to moan again as his tongue slipped into her anus. "Jon, come over here. I want to suck you." Dutifully, he came around as she straightened up. My hands never left those breasts as I sat up, cradling her in my lap. Her cunt just squeezed me tighter as I moved around. She took his shaft and began to lick the head. Her eyes never left mine. As she swallowed him, I arched up and pushed her further onto him. Both of them moaned. We did this for a little while until I decided to surprise them. As I stared into her eyes, her pussy rocking on my cock, her mouth filled with her husband's cock, I reached up and caressed his ballsack, almost feeding her his dick causing more moans. "I love the image of men playing with each other. I makes me wild." She began to fuck me in earnest. She had a difficult time keeping Jon's cock in place but suddenly she was crazy in fuck lust and she had to come. I rolled her onto her back and began to quickly pound her. Jon stood at her head and fed her his cock as his fingers pulled at her nipples. Her fingers danced around her clit and within a minute or two, she was convulsing in orgasmic spasms. Her pussy squeezed me and drew me deeper until I felt myself swimming in her cum. Her deep growl as it happened assured me that she had enjoyed it. We both collapsed for a minute and settled ourselves. "That was a great orgasm. Now I want you guys to make each other come. I want to see you come in Jon's mouth, Ray. I want to see him swallow your cum." Jon immediately leaned over me and took my cock into his mouth while Becca kept up the commentary. "That's right, suck his cock for me, honey. Can you taste my pussy all over it?" "Let me taste some that," I said. "I'm going to let him suck my just-fucked pussy, honey. I'm just going to sit right down like this...ooooh...ummm...nice...he's licking my asshole, honey...oooh...do it more, Ray...I like it, Jon. He's licking my asshole while you suck his cock. Make him come, honey...make him fill your mouth with it...take it all..." She got off me and moved closer to watch him gobble. I pulled his ass closer to my head and he picked up the message, and straddled my head. His nice-looking meat hung just over my lips. The flared head was swollen and his dick looked to me like the perfect specimen. I closed my lips around the head and sucked it in. It filled my mouth without any gagging and it throbbed. I felt good, it felt good, everything was good. "Oh God...you're both sucking each other...how cool...so hot..." She ran her hand along my ass and tickled my pucker with her finger. "My husband and some stranger...sixty-nining...you like my finger in your ass, Ray? Feels good, huh...make you want to come...shoot into Jonnie's mouth...if I push my finger in and out of your ass like this, does it feel good, Ray? Does it make you want to come hard? If I rub your prostate like this..." That was it. I arched my cock up into Jon's throat as her finger rubbed my gland and I shot globs of cum into his maw. "Let me see, Jonnie?" He opened his mouth and pulled back as another rope splashed into his gaping mouth and across his nose. I let out a long growl or groan or some other sort of orgasmic sound effect. Jon slipped me back between his lips and gently caressed the head with his tongue. I shuddered as I deposited yet one more shot of jizz. My dick slipped from his lips. It hung there depleted and in repose. I had a big smile on my face watching Becca and Jon suck each other's faces as my snowball passed between them. "My baby hasn't come yet. We have to make my baby come." She made a little pout. "How would you like to make him come, milady?" "How about you and I sixty-nine while he fucks me?" "How 'bout it?" We got into position with Becca above me and a pillow folded in half under my head. Her beautiful pussy was just above my eyes as she slid down my face toward my cock. Her fine tits came first, crushing me between her cleavage. I made sure to coat as much of them as I could with my saliva. Then came her navel. She rested her pubic bone on my chin and wiggled against me. When her slit rose across my nose, she gasped as I rubbed against her. I licked her from the tip of her slit all the way to her rosebud and back. She lifted her hips as she dropped her face onto my balls. Jon was kneeling behind her waiting for her to signal that it was time to fuck her. Her wiggling ass conveyed the message. I watched as he slid into her sloppy twat until he rested his balls on my head. He did this a few times until I reached around and held his sac, pressing my index fingertip at his ass. Now I concerned myself with the clit that was grinding and rotating against my tongue. I kissed it. I sucked on it. I ran the tip in circles around her clit. I flicked at it. She picked up the tempo and pressed down on me even more. Jon picked up his beat too and the three of us were rocking. My cock wasn't getting hard but she seemed quite happy nursing on it. I was more interested in seeing these two explode on top of me. I squeezed her breast and the nipple was about as hard as I have ever felt a nipple get, and that's pretty hard. Her juices were dripping onto me and my head was awash with her intoxicating scent. I was floating, I swear. She pushed back against him and started to shake. She quickly rose into the throes of orgasmic bliss. I watched as her outer lips distended and pulsed on his cock. He pushed in and she squeezed back. That was it for Jonnie. His cock pumped deeply into her as he grunted. She pumped it a few times and his cum dripped down onto my head. He slowly withdrew and she pulled forward. His cock flopped onto my face as I swallowed it. She was on her knees still above me and I suspected she was watching. Just then, a huge glob of cum slipped out of her pussy and onto my chin. She turned around and licked me clean as I licked her husband clean. We lay on the bed entwined and very, very satisfied. I was beat. I slipped out of bed and took a shower. Quietly, I got dressed and started to make my way out when Becca called to me. Naked, she came into the living room and looked every bit as delicious as she could possibly look. "Give me your phone number. We're going to be here for a few more days and I want us to do this again. And again and again. This was great, Ray, really great. Jonnie and I have been fantasizing about this night for several years. We never made the right connection or maybe we were too scared to really do it. Tonight, we really did it. We really did and it was better than anything we ever hoped. You made our first time memorable. We want to do it again. I've never had another man...hell, I've never even touched another penis and it was great. And Jonnie finally got his wish, too. Phew... Look, tomorrow, Jonnie has a whole day in sessions and a dinner at night but how about I call you after that? Will you come back and can we fuck each other again?" "Yes, I think I can. In fact, why don't I stay right here so I don't have to come back! No, I'm just kidding. The sex tonight was at the gourmet level. Let's see if we can do it again. You call me and let me know." I leaned into her and took her into my arms. I put my mouth next to her ear and whispered, "Becca, you are so fucking hot. He's very lucky. And you're a great lay. I can't wait to see what scenarios you stage next time." I nibbled on her earlobe and felt her press against me. She whispered to me, "Your cock felt so good inside me. You filled me up. I want that again." She kissed me. "And you shall have it, milady." I wrote down my number and my email, bowed to her and made my way out. It was deep in the night and there was no traffic. It took me relatively no time to be back in my bed, happily snoring. More to come...

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