Chelios mature with big dick gives muie and fuck a young brunette

Chelios mature with big dick gives muie and fuck a young brunette

Since I am now 38 years old, this story took place 22 years ago, when I was 16 and very, very horny (what 16-year-old boy isn't?). It happened at the "cabin" my parents owned, on a small plot on the shore of a lake in Michigan. The cabin was really a small, old and well-worn house, with a kitchenette, two bedrooms, one small bathroom, and a small dock jutting into the lake – fine for a summer vacation, but way too small for a family of five (Mom, Dad, two sisters and me) to live in for more than a week or two.Mom has two sisters, an older one that we rarely saw, and Maria, two years younger than Mom, who came to visit a couple of times a year, sometimes at our home in Grand Rapids, and sometimes at our cabin. Mom and Maria were very close, and had similar figures: average height, a few pounds heavy, and fairly large busted. On the other hand, Mom tended to dress very conservatively, while Maria loved to show off her figure, particularly her ample cleavage.Maria was no slut, but she certainly liked men and sex. I think Mom was actually a bit jealous of Maria's comfort with her sexuality, as my mother never spoke or joked about sex in any way. ***Sometime near the start of school, so probably late August, my Mom, Maria, one of my sisters, and I were at the cabin for a week. My Dad and other sister where off doing some father-daughter thing, which was fine by me, as that was two fewer people stuffed into the small cabin. Mom and her sister slept in one bedroom, while my sister and I shared the other – one bed but two sleeping bags. Julie is two years older, so I am sure she was none too thrilled to share a room with her 16-year-old brother. However, we'd been vacationing at the cabin and sharing bedrooms our whole lives, so it was not too big a deal, either.As I said, Maria, who was about 40 at the time, loved to show her figure, though she had a few extra pounds. I remember well that for this vacation she had brought a one-piece swimsuit with her, blue with flower patterns on it, and, no surprise, cut to show lots of cleavage. My mother had a one-piece also, but cut far more conservatively. My sister, who did not get Mom's boobs, being a B-cup at best, wore a modest bikini.Probably because of all the estrogen in the cabin, I spent more time than usual either hiking alone in the nearby hills, or out relaxing and reading on the shore or the dock. Sometimes Mom or Maria or Julie would join me, but they spent a lot more time in the cabin, talking, cooking meals, playing cards, and whatever it is women do when they spend hours together.Toward the end of the vacation, late in one afternoon, I was on the dock on a blanket. I had been reading, but tired of that, and I guess the quiet and the warm sun put me to sleep. At some point, I was wakened by my Aunt Maria, who had come down to catch some rays herself. I was wakened by the squeaking wood as she walked on it, and sat up startled."Oh, I'm sorry Brian! I did not realize you were asleep.""That's ok, Aunt Maria." I told her as she walked up to where I was laying. She had a beach towel wrapped around her, so I said, "Did you come down to catch some sun?""Yes, we're only here a couple of more days, and I'd like more of a tan than I have gotten so far.""Sounds good," I said, as I turned over and picked up my book to read some more.Aunt Maria took off her beach towel, and laid it down next to mine. She was wearing that blue, one-piece suit, and gave me a good look at her cleavage as she bent over to adjust her towel. She glanced up and saw me checking her out."Pretty nice, huh Brian?" she chuckled.I turned a bit red, not knowing how to respond – hell, I was only 16 years old! When she saw that I was tongue-tied, she laughed again, and said, "So, Brian, you obviously have hit puberty and are growing so fast you will soon be taller than me and your Mom. Have you reached the point where you like to look at girls?""Well . . .," I stammered, "I guess so.""Do you and your friends ever look at naked women in girlie magazines?"I was not sure whether to admit this, but something in her casual question said it was ok. "A few times."By now she had sat beside me. I could see not just her cleavage, but a good bit of the side of her left breast. "Hmmm . . . did they make you horny?""Yeeesssss . . ." I was stammering again. "I guess so.""You seem to be guessing a lot today!" Maria teased me. "Well, since you have seen naked women before, you won't mind if I sunbathe topless, would you?" I don't recall, but I am quite sure she probably had a sly grin on her face as she asked me this. I, on the other hand, was still just barely coherent."No, I guess that would be fine." Only later did I wonder why she was not worried about my mother or sister seeing her topless next to her nephew. Turns out that Mom and Julie had decided to take a hike, and would be gone for awhile, so we were pretty much alone, unless someone came close in a boat."More guessing, I see. Well, I hate tan lines, and you're old enough to appreciate my goodies, so take a good look!" With that, she pulled the straps of her suit off her shoulders, and pulled it down to her waist, freeing two very large, and very tempting breasts. "Pretty nice, huh?" she teased me, as she lifted her tits up in my direction.No doubt I was quite red at this time, and though she was embarrassing me and enjoying it, I could not help but feel a swelling in my groin as I gazed on her beautiful breasts. She lay back to relax in the sun's warmth, and her boobs flattened a bit, but not really all that much. She looked over at me and saw I was still staring at her breasts. "Have you ever felt a woman's breast?" she asked."No," I replied"Well, there has to be a first time." She sat up, reached into her beach bag and took out a bottle of sun tan lotion and handed it to me. Rolling onto her stomach, she said "Oil up my back, and if you do a good job, then I'll let you oil my front too!"Let me tell you: she got the best damn oil job on her back that could be had! I wasn't quite sure what she meant by "good job," so I was just very careful to get every square inch. I even let my fingers touch the side of her right boob at one point. I oiled right down to the bathing suit, then the back of her arms and finally her legs. I started at her feet, and as I got closer to her butt I moved slower, being careful not to get too close to that cloth-covered ass.I guess I must have done a good enough job. After I finished, she was silent for about thirty seconds, then sighed, then rolled over, her large breasts dangling and bouncing around. As she lay back, she told me, "Ok, big boy, you did a good job. Now complete it," she continued, a big grin on her face, "and have a good time while you're at it!"Looking back, I am sure she was having a ball teasing me. I am also sure she was looking forward to having an eager teenage boy massage her breasts on the pretext of putting sun tan lotion on them. I put some lotion on my hands, rubbed them together, then started around her belly button. I coated her stomach, then tentatively touched the side of one of her breasts. She could tell I was still a bit hesitant, so she grabbed my right hand and just squashed it down on her left breast. "Don't be timid, Brian! Rub that lotion into my tits like you mean it!"I started rubbing lotion onto both breasts, stopping occasionally to get more lotion. After a minute or so, I realized two things: I had a raging hardon, and her nipples were rather excited. About that time Maria looked over and saw a tent pole holding up my swim suit. "Looks like you're enjoying this, Brian!" I saw where she was looking, and got embarrassed again. She could see this, so she simply reached over and grabbed my cock through my swim suit. "Very nice! Don't ever forget, Brian, that getting hard because you find a woman sexy is a huge compliment to the woman! Now, more lotion."I resumed rubbing lotion onto her skin, remembering that there was more skin exposed than just her tits. She continued to hold my hardon, squeezing it lightly now and then. After I had finished her neck, arms, breasts and stomach, I had to move down to her legs. She let go of my cock, and folded her arms behind her head, relaxed and enjoying both the sun and the attention of a horny boy.A couple of minutes later I finished with her legs and feet, and was not quite sure what was next. Maria Sat up, and patted my towel next to her, "Sit down and let's talk," she said. I must say, she seemed entirely unselfconscious of her bare breasts, something that surprises me to this day. But, then, I grew up in a conservative household, and my mother and sisters would never be comfortable like that.I sat beside her, and she slid over until we were almost touching. She again reached out to my crotch, but this time slid her hand under the waistband of my swim suit, and wrapped her fingers around my cock. "Do you mind if I play with this?" she asked."Nooo . . ." I once again stammered."Does it feel good," she asked, slowly moving her hand up and down my shaft, squeezing just lightly."Yes.""Has any girl ever touched your penis before?""No, never.""Have you ever had any kind of sex with a girl?""No.""Not even kissed one?""No.""Hmmm . . . I guess you have a lot to learn. If you are ok with it, I'll teach you a few things, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, or we could both get in a lot of trouble."I don't know about others, but I would have done anything to have her "teach me a few things," and keeping my mouth shut about it was a no-brainer. "I won't tell anyone.""Ok," she said, looking around to make sure there were no boats nearby, and then back at the cabin to see if Mom and Julie had returned. "We'll have to be quick, but it will be really fun to give you a blowjob out on the lake like this! Do you know what a blowjob is?""Ummmm . . . isn't that where you put your . . . mouth . . . on my cock?""Yep, and I guarantee you're going to like it – all men do. Now sit up and pull your suit off a few inches, then lay back."I lifted my hips, slid down my suit, with her hand still firmly wrapped around my manhood, then lay back onto the dock. She took a moment to examine my cock and put her other hand under my balls and heft them. "Very nice for a young man!" she exclaimed. "You've got to be six inches long right now, and you're not done growing yet. You'll make some woman very happy in a few years!"With that, she leaned over, lay my cock against my belly, and gently licked the underside. I had not known what to expect, but I have to say it was incredibly wonderful. She worked her tongue up to my head, then lifted up my cock and slowly licked around it. "Here goes!" she said, as she opened her mouth and lowered her head onto my manhood."Ohhh . . . . man that feels good," I exclaimed. She slowly started moving her head up and down, leaving my cock head entirely in her mouth. With her right hand, she slowly and gently massaged my balls. It only took a minute or so for me to get close to orgasm. "I'm . . . I'm . . . go . . going . . . to" At this point she lifted her mouth up off my cock and looked me in the eye."So, lesson number one, big boy!" she said. "Don't distract a woman who is sucking on your cock. Um and Oh are OK, but no talking, alright? When you're ready to cum, just let her fly!" It wasn't until a few years later I found out this was bum advice: not all women want you to cum in their mouths without warning. But, hey, it was fine with me at the moment!Maria went back to work, but this time she would take my cock entirely into her mouth, then slowly pull back, and each time pull back a little farther. About the time she pulled nearly all the way off, then started back on, I began to feel an orgasm coming on. "Oh . . . god . . ." I said, quite involuntarily. I guess this did not qualify as talking, as she continued blowing me, and within about ten seconds, I started shooting a load of semen into her mouth. She continued sucking me and bobbing her head, and managed to swallow my whole load.Af
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ter a half minute or so, she slowed down, then lifted up her head. She kissed my cockhead, then turned and planted a kiss onto my lips. This surprised me and I pulled back a little. She put her hand behind my head, and gave me a deep, serious kiss. "Lesson two, lover boy: don't fuck and run. Kiss your woman after she pleases you, or don't expect her back."Wow, we didn't "fuck" but I got the message. "Ok, Aunt Maria. That sure felt great!""It better have, given the amount of cum I just swallowed! And drop the Aunt, OK." she continued, "makes me sound old, and, besides, Aunts don't give blowjobs to nephews. Just call me Maria.""Ok," I said."Now, let's go to the cabin so you can return the favor. It's a bit too dangerous out here for our next fun!"***I was not sure what Aunt Maria meant by "return the favor," but I certainly was not going to admit it. Maria pulled up her swim suit top, manhandling those wonderful tits back into their cradles, and I pulled up my swimsuit. We gathered up our stuff and walked back to the cabin. On the way, Maria told me, "Your mother and sister went on a hike, so I think they'll be gone for awhile. However, if we hear them return, we have to move like hell to not get caught. So, we're going to your bedroom, and if we hear anything, I'll jump up and run to the bathroom. I'll put some clothes in there so I can come out dressed. If I leave anything in the bedroom, hide it until you can give it back to me."Talking like this made me think my Aunt had lived on the edge of getting caught before, and, in retrospect, I suspect that doing so excited her. At the time, I was happy to follow any instructions she might offer.When we got back to the cabin, Maria put an outfit into the bathroom, as well as her beach towel. She turned around and saw me standing there watching, and, with a sly grin, said, "Ok, Brian, time for another show!"With that she slowly pulled her suit straps off her shoulders, then pulled the top of her suit down, again freeing those delightful tits. She lifted up one and stuck her tongue out and licked around her nipple, staring me in the eye while she did it. She then lifted the other and did the same thing. Letting go of that puppy, she put her thumbs in her swimsuit waist and slowly bent over, lowering her suit. Since she was facing me, I got to see those large breasts dangle down. She knew I was watching, so she shook enough to make them swing back and forth, staring me in the eyes the whole time."Enough to get you hard again?" she asked, as she let go of her suit, letting it fall to the floor, and standing up, letting me see her neatly shaven pussy."Yea . ." I said, not stammering as badly as before."Show me," she said, walking slowly toward me.I grabbed my suit and pulled it down, then stood back up, my hardon pointing straight at her.She reached me and grabbed my cock in one hand, while grabbing my head with the other and forcefully kissing me again. She rubbed my cock a few times, then disengaged from me. "Ok, let me put my suit into the bathroom, and you go into your bedroom and spread your sleeping bag out on the bed." She turned around, and bent down to pick up her suit. My eyes were glued to her ass, and she knew it.She stayed bent over, and slowly reached up and spread her ass cheeks, giving me a perfect view of her glistening pussy, and her tight asshole. She held for a few seconds, then stood up, and looked at me. "Let me tell you, young man, you just saw some Grade A pussy!" She was laughing as she walked to the bathroom and closed the door.After I got the bed ready, I lay down on it, my hardon raging. I grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times, then let go, fearing I would cum again. In a few minutes Maria came in. "We have to keep an ear out for your mother and sister returning. It would not be good for your mom to catch her son with his tongue up her sister's cunt!!" I think she was enjoying the crude dialog as much as anything.She walked over to the bed and got on it next to me. She lay down and said, "Brian, I'm going to teach you to be an excellent pussy muncher, and you are going to have to tell all your future women that, ‘You can thank Maria for that orgasm!' " Of course, I would be toast if I ever told that to a woman, but Maria got a kick out of it.With that, she spread her legs and said, "Lay face down between my legs, stick your tongue out, and lick my clit." I did as I was told, although I am not sure I knew exactly where her clit was. However, being quite interested in female anatomy, I turned around and lay down between her spread legs, stuck my tongue out and started licking along the sides of her cunt."Lick along my slit, all the way to the little button at the top," she told me, while pointing at her clit with her finger. I started running my tongue from the top to the bottom of her slit, pretty gently."Put a couple fingers in my cunt," she said, "and move them in and out slowly, but keep licking." I readily complied, with two fingers on my left hand, and continuing to lick near her clit."Mmmmm . . . that feels good . . . yea, right there . . . .oohhhhh," she started moaning. I slowly increased the speed of my licking, concentrating around her clit, while keeping my left hand moving. "Yessss, don't stop . . . a little harder . . ." she instructed me through nearly-continuous moaning. I pushed a bit harder with my tongue, and started circling her clit rather than licking up and down. I also noticed my left hand was soaked, and I could smell the musky scent of a hot woman. Oh, and I noticed I had a raging hardon."Almost there . . . keep going . . ." Maria moaned. "Yes . . . yes . . . oh, god yes . . ." she moaned as she reached orgasm. I kept my tongue and finger going, until she grasped my head and said "Stop!" I stopped with my fingers in her cunt, and my tongue pressed right on her clit. After what seemed like minutes, but was probably fifteen or twenty seconds, she lifted my head up, pulled me up to her face, and kissed me hard on the lips."Hey, newphew, that was fantastic! I haven't cum that hard in a long time!" I smiled at her, pleased that I could give her such pleasure without hardly knowing what I was doing. She continued, "Just one more lesson, though: when a woman cums, she gets real sensitive, so be ready to stop licking or fingering her as she reaches orgasm, ok?""Sure, Maria, but how do I know when she cums?""You won't always, but with experience, and if you pay attention, you will get better at it. Plus, when you have a steady relationship, you will get to know that woman well enough to know. If not, you are not trying, which is what a bunch of losers are like."She continued, "So, what do you think of the taste and smell of pussy?""Well, it's kind of musky, but not bad, But it's not like the Penthouse letters say it is: sweet as honey, nectar, that kind of thing.""Those letters are all crap!" she replied. "We don't have a fucking beehive in our pussys! And thanks for being honest – that will take you far with women!""But I sure got a hardon while I was licking you!" I said."Oh, I'm glad to hear it. Now I have to do something about it! Since I don't know how much time we have, we have to get real nasty real fast. Are you up for it?""Yea, I guess. What do you want me to do?""Well, you're going to use your tongue again. Just know that I cleaned up really carefully in the bathroom a few minutes ago, so whatever I ask you to do, you can do without fear.""Ok," I said, with a bit of trepidation, not knowing where fear came into it.Maria pulled her legs up, then grabbed them behind the knees. "Grab that pillow, and slide it under my ass," she said, as she pulled back on her legs. I slid the pill under her, and got a birds-eye view of all her goodies, from clit to asshole."Ok, start licking my pussy like you did before."I moved into position, and slowly started licking her slit as she had instructed me. "Now put your index finger into my pussy," she instructed.I slid my finger in, which was very easy, as she was as wet as could be. "Move it around and get it really slick, while you keep licking," my instructions continued. I did as I was told."Now, pull your finger out and shove it up my asshole, but do it slowly."This shocked me a bit. I knew some people liked anal play, but for my first sexual experience this was pushing things. However, I did as I was told, putting my finger at the entrance to her asshole, and slowly pushing it in."Oh, that feels great! Don't stop licking!" she exclaimed, as I had been focused on shoving my finger up her ass. I resume licking, and about that time had my finger in as far as I could push it. I was surprised and really turned on by how tight her asshole was around my finger."Ok, keep licking and move your finger in and out." Again, I did as I was told. I did my best to gauge her reactions, and time my tongue and finger to get the most moaning. In a few minutes, as my tongue was getting tired, she hit orgasm. "Oh . . god . . . oh . . oh . . god . ." she moaned, as she bucked her hips up and down in ecstacy. "Stop, stop . . ." she said, "no more licking." I just stopped, my tongue on her clit, my finger in her asshole, neither moving.She was breathing very heaving, and took a minute or so to come down from her orgasm. I lifted my head and looked at her. She blew me a kiss, and said "Oh, god, Brian, you are a pretty damn good pussy licker for your first time. Or maybe I'm just a great teacher!" We were sitting there, my chin on her pussy, my finger up her ass, and she's joking! That was probably her best lesson, if unstated: sex is best when it's fun!"Ok, now for a treat for you," she said. "Pull your finger out, then shove your cock into my pussy." I did as she said, and she was so wet that I slid right in. It was my first sex ever, and her tight pussy felt just incredible. But, she stopped me from pumping in and out. "We have to move fast here, so now put your cock into my asshole."I was a bit taken aback, but since she was in charge, I did as I was told. My cock was dripping pussy fluid, and it was running out of her pussy, down over her asshole. I put the head of my cock against her hole, and slowly started pushing in. She grimaced a bit, and after a few seconds I could feel her asshole opening up around my cockhead. Another few seconds and my cock slid right into her rectum. I was in heaven with the feel of her tight anus clamped around my cock."Go ahead and pump! Come in my asshole!" my Aunt Maria said. I did not have to be told twice.It only took maybe ten strokes or so, my dick squeezed by my Aunt's asshole, my eyes gazing on her beautiful tits, for me to unload in her rectum. It felt like I must have come a gallon . . . spurt after spurt of cum shooting into her.After another minute or so, I pulled out, exhausted. Aunt Maria had one more surprise for me. She sat up, shoved her left index finger up her own ass, and started frigging herself with her right hand. I watched mesmerized, as this 40-year-old, attractive woman masturbated right in front of me, pussy and ass at the same time, while staring at my own equipment."Beat off," she huskily told me, so I grabbed my own cock and started jerking. In about two minutes she again shook in orgasm. I watched as she slowed the rhythm of her hands down as her orgasm racked her again and again. I'll bet she had three or for orgasms in a row, masturbating herself while staring at her nephew's cock and balls. At about this time I, too, reached orgasm. I shot a load of cum into the air, and it landed on her left tit. She grabbed her tit and started licking off my man juice. "Can't let this go to waste, now can we," she said, grinning at me."Ok, we'd better clean up and start acting like Aunt and Nephew again," Maria said, as she got up and headed toward the bathroom."Can we do this again sometime," I asked? She turned around, bare-assed naked, and lifted one of her tits up to me."These babies need a lot of attention! I will be calling you to ‘sex duty' anytime I get a chance, Nephew!"*** end ***

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