There is sex with condom and no longer has fucked

There is sex with condom and no longer has fucked

This is a true story of how I was seduced by my new husband's younger brother. (This is my first story, so please be gentle) Their two-hour drive, from JFK Airport to the holiday home in the Hamptons, was a long one. They had just spent three hours on a flight to New York together with her best friend, Ashlynn and they wanted to rip each other's clothes off, but knew it was too risky and neither one of them was 100% sure of what the other wanted.They had met three months prior, at her wedding to his older brother, Darren. Darren worked away from home but his relationship with his younger brother, Josh remained strong. They would catch a baseball game when he was home or have poker nights. Josh was 6ft, toned and had the most gorgeous brown eyes. Whenever they were out, the girls would flock to him, something which had always made Darren jealous.But now it was Josh's turn to be jealous. Darren was marrying Erin, a beautiful English girl he had met last year. She was blonde, slim and elegant. Josh and Erin hit it off straight away. They had lots in common and shared many mutual friends. The trip to the Hamptons was to celebrate a friend's birthday. The night before, they had exchanged sexy texts after Erin had sent Josh a photo of her wearing just a lacey white pair of French knickers, which was meant for his brother. As soon as she sent the message and realized her error she froze, "Shit, shit!" A few minutes later, he replied, "I'm guessing that wasn't meant for me? ;-)" Erin quickly replied, "Lol, you're right. I wanted to send Darren a pic to cheer him up, but your number was the last person that I texted and it automatically sent to you. Just delete it, I'm mortified." Less than five seconds later, he replied, with an attachment, "Well you showed me yours, so here's mine."Erin couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had sent her text in error but here Josh was sending her a photo of his naked torso and cock. She had imagined what he might look like naked but she wasn't ready for the reality. She stared at what looked like 9.5 inches of meat in front of her. "Mmmmmm," she said to herself. She wanted to reply but it was late and she had an early flight. Plus, how would she even respond?At eight the next morning, they were on the flight to JFK. Erin had a window seat, Josh was in the middle and Ashlynn was to his right. All Erin could think about was the photo of his cock and how much bigger it was than anything she had ever had. She smiled at him and he winked back. The flight and the two-hour drive to the Hamptons was sexually frustrating for both of them.They arrived in East Hampton just after lunch. Their friends had already arrived and were in their swimsuits around the pool or in the garden chatting. Erin and Ashlynn dumped their luggage in their shared room, which was on the other side of the house and away from the other rooms. It had an en-suite but it was totally isolated from the other bedrooms. Josh's room was downstairs. Erin slipped in to her bikini, a red halter neck top with matching knickers which tied at the sides. She tied her long blonde hair back and admired her 30C boobs in the bathroom mirror, before heading downstairs to join the party. The day consisted of Jäger shots and cocktails and by 22:00, Ashlynn had gone back up to the room and passed out. Erin followed. The travel had obviously got to her and she needed an early night. She changed out of her bikini into a sexy, black mesh nightie, which showed off her boobs perfectly and hugged her curves in all the right places. About an hour later, there was a soft knock on the door. There he was. Josh. All 6ft of him, wet hair and in just his swimming trunks. "Arron has a chick in with him, so I can't get in my room. Can I crash with you guys?" Erin, still half asleep agreed. It was a king-sized bed and Josh had no problem squeezing in between the girls. Erin fell back asleep but being in bed with his brother's wife was becoming a turn-on for Josh. He moved closer to Erin and started rubbing her thigh while she slept, before feeling her hard nipples through her nightie. "Mmmm she smells so good. A mix of vanilla and rose," he thought. His coc
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k was rock hard and all he could think about was having her mouth around it. At that moment, she rolled on to her back and let out a little moan. Josh turned to make sure that Ashlynn was still sleeping before rubbing Erin's pussy under her nightie. She felt so good. Shaven, smooth and tight. He rubbed his thumb over her clit. He wanted her badly. Erin was awake, but pretended that she was asleep. Josh decided to call her bluff. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. He needed to cum so badly. He sat himself down on the toilet seat and was about to start jerking off, with the door opened."So you're going to get me all wet and then just leave?" Erin was standing there, naked, "I want you to fuck me, Josh." Josh couldn't believe his ears. In front of him was his sister in-law, who was usually prim and proper and elegant, begging to be fucked and acting like a total slut. But he wasn't going to give her the chance to change her mind. He bent her over the sink and spread her legs. He rubbed her tight pussy before jamming his thick cock inside her warm pussy. She was so turned on that she had realized that he wasn't using a rubber. He started fucking her harder, burying his cock inside her pussy. "Moan you fucking slut!" He demanded, as he spanked her ass, his cock destroying her pussy and making her cum in the process. He lifted her right leg over the sink, so he could fuck her even harder. Her pussy was becoming raw and she was aching from the pressure. "Please stop, it's sore!" She begged. Josh pulled out his cock which by now was covered in his sister-in-law's juices. He kept her bent over and spat on her ass. "I hope you don't object to being fucked in the ass?" Erin didn't bother answering. She just knew he was going to fuck her. He spread her ass cheeks and licked her pert bum, before entering his cock. She was so tight! His brother had obviously never fucked her there, he thought. He started fucking her perfect ass. "Fuck! This is good," he thought. He hadn't fucked anyone since his girlfriend left him six months prior and he was so horny. He was making Erin his slut. He pulled out of her ass and sat on the toilet. "I want you to get your phone and come back." Erin covered herself with a towel and fetched her phone from her bag, which was next to the bed. Ashlynn was still sleeping."Now, to prove that you're really a slut. I want to have phone sex with my brother, while you bounce on my cock. I want him to think that he's the one making you moan like a cock-hungry whore." Erin wasn't comfortable with this. What if Darren suspected something? But she wasn't in a position to say 'no'. She went to her contacts and dialled Darren's number. After two rings, he answered. "Hi baby, I just thought I'd call as you usually go to bed around this time and I am really turned on. I thought we could have some phone fun." Darren was never one to turn down his wife's requests for sex. He was so attracted to her and loved pleasing her. He stripped off and started stroking his cock in his bed, while he enjoyed phone sex with his wife. "Mmmm Erin, tell me what you're doing, moan for me." Erin was now getting turned on. This could be fun she thought. She climbed on top of Josh's cock, taking his whole 9.5 inches inside her and slowly bounced on him. "Mmmmmm Darren, right now I am thinking about bouncing on your cock." She bounced harder on her brother in-law, as her husband told her what he wanted to do with her. Josh started fucking her harder and all she could do was moan, "Mmmmm yess, that feels so good, I like that." Darren was so hard and wanted to be with his wife so badly, "Rub your pussy baby, finger it for me. Make yourself cum." She bounced harder and harder on her brother in-law's big cock. Josh was so turned on now that he shot his cum up her pussy and Erin had to cover his mouth with her hand to stop him giving the game away. Once he had recovered from the epic fucking, he laid her on the floor and spread her legs and started licking her pussy while she was still phone-fucking Darren. She couldn't take any more, "Mmmmmm, Darren, I'm going to cum!" With that, she came all over her brother in-law's face and hung up...

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