Anal Sex With A Black Cock With Big Cock In Her Ass

Anal Sex With A Black Cock With Big Cock In Her Ass

Lorna headed out for Bertha’s, but Alex called in sick. He had homework to do.----“Food carts!” Alex said to Lorna, who had come over to his apartment after work.“Food carts?” Lorna replied. They were seated on the sofa in Alex’s apartment.“Yep, food carts. That’s our business. I spent the day at City Hall learning how it all works: the licensing, leasing different locations and all of the areas where it is legal. We can’t do it everywhere—restaurant owners don’t want the extra competition—but in areas where there aren’t too many food businesses nearby it is okay, and it seems like almost no one is taking advantage of it! I’ve already identified a half dozen locations that would be ideal.“You have, have you?”“Yep. And one is a half-block from the post office! That’ll be our first one.”“You got this all planned out already, huh?”“Pretty much. I checked out equipment too, and priced everything. There are different sized carts, but we can start with smaller ones and we can pull them behind the car. They’re equipped with propane burners and ice chests for drinks.”“And we’re gonna sell my soup?” Lorna asked, with a blank face.“We’re going to sell Lorna’s soon-to-be-famous chili and gumbo and Chiligumbo and hot dogs and Polish sausages and chips and cold drinks and dessert cakes, Twinkies, whatever.“And I’m supposed to go into business with you when I’m barely scrapin’ by as it is and have no money to invest?”“Yep, that’s exactly why. Because I have the money and you have the product. And because you will soon be working less and making more money and won’t have to put up with all the bullshit at Bertha’s.”“You have the money to buy food carts and propane tanks and all the products. And the ingredients in Chiligumbo ain’t cheap…”“Yep.”“And I’m supposed to cook all this soup in my kitchen?”“The plan would be to rent a small place somewhere to store everything, do the prep, etcetera.”“Sounds risky to me,” Lorna said with a shake of her head.“Well, there’s always some risk. But Lorna, I’ve been thinking about a business for a long time but nothing has struck me. But this is striking like a bolt of lightning! And what the hell, there will always be a restaurant job to go back to.”Alex could tell she was wavering, but clearly on the fence. He scooted closer to her on the sofa and took her hand.“Lorna, listen. I have over $70,000 saved up. Cash, waiting for this. I’ll do the leg work, you just make the soups. You can even keep the job if it makes you feel safer, as long as you don’t mind chopping vegetables and cooking in your spare time.“You have $70,000?” Lorna asked dubiously.“Yep.”“Where you got all this money?”“I have almost ten thousand in a metal box in my apartment. The rest is in a safe deposit box at the bank.”“You saved all that from playing that clarinet with a tux on?”“Yes, over the last two-and-a-half years.”“And you’re willing to risk all that money on my soups?”“I don’t see it as that much of a risk, but yes, I am. And I can’t wait to get started. I want to give my notice to George tomorrow.”“You’re moving pretty fast, aren’t you?”“Why wait? The time is right.”Lorna sighed and said, “Okay, let me think on it.”Alex squeezed her hand and kissed her. Let’s make love on it,” he said.----Lorna was sweating, getting rode hard and sticky wet. They were in Alex’s bed and he was on top fucking her with a newfound force, kissing her, grunting, snorting, pounding her into the mattress.“Oh God, Boy, you know how to fuck me!” Lorna cried.Her body was hot and dewy like a bitch in heat, and she gripped his cock with her pussy as she fucked him, plunging toward orgasm. When she felt her juices roiling and was just about to come, she succumbed to him, in more ways than one.“I’ll do it!” Lorna barked as she let loose, her body writhing with the forces of fucking and bucking.“Do what?” Alex cawed hoarsely.“The food carts. How can I say no to a partner who fucks me the way you do?”----The next morning Alex punched in at the usual time, grabbed an apron out of the storage closet and wrapped it around himself as he walked into the kitchen.“Well, look who decided to drop by!” George’s voice boomed so all could hear. “If it isn’t Albino, the leisure man. How was your vacation?”“Hi George,” Alex said. “Had an important personal issue come up that I had to take care of yesterday.”“I’ll bet. You must be eating too much dark meat off the Redbone!” George said.There was dead silence in the kitchen. Workers looked away and busied themselves. Alex glared at George.“What did you say?” he asked sternly.George stared blankly back at Alex.“Listen, cocksucker,” Alex hissed, “Do you have even a single ounce of class in your big, ugly, fat ass?” He untied his apron and took it off. “I was going to give you two weeks’ notice because it would be the right thing to do. But after that tasteless insult, I think I’ll leave right now. Life’s too fucking short to spend another second around you.”“Oh, C’mon Alex…”“Oh, shut the fuck up!” Alex roared. “And my final check had better be in my mailbox in two days, IN FULL, no bullshit, and you BETTER apologize to Lorna when she comes in this morning or you’ll be getting sued for sexual harassment. And if you don’t believe me, try me.”Alex rolled his apron into a ball and threw it into the deep fryer and headed for the door.----Alex spent the day at the city offices getting permits and licenses for the first two locations he’d chosen, and at a restaurant supply business looking at equipment and learning how it worked. There was a used cart on the floor for sale, completely equipped, so he gave them a deposit and said he’d be back.Lorna called him when she got home from work. “I heard you made quite an exit this morning,” she said.“Yeah, well that asshole deserved it. Did he apologize to you?”“Yes, he did. A couple of people had to coerce him into it, but he did. I asked him what for but he said to ask you.”“He just said the wrong thing at the wrong time, that’s all, and I’d had enough, and let’s leave it at that. It gave me an excuse not to give the bastard two weeks’ notice, so that’s good I guess.”Alex started to recap his day when Lorna stopped him.“Hey, honey, Savannah’s at work, why don’t you come over for a while. I’ll fix you something to eat and you can tell me all about it.”“Okay, I’ll be right over.”“Good. And after dinner maybe you can eat a little dark meat off the Redbone!”----Lorna had nothing on but a long white t-shirt with her nipples smiling at him through the fabric. She took Alex by the hand and led him to her bedroom. She knew they only had a couple of hours before Savannah would be home from work. She wanted to fuck her man and didn’t want her daughter coming home and catching them in the act.Standing beside the bed Lorna unbuttoned Alex’s shirt while they kissed and then opened his pants. His cock was already hard and ready. They stripped and fell onto her bed. Alex immediately began covering her upper body with kisses and licking her toasty flesh. Lorna ran her long dark fingers through his hair and along the side of his neck.He licked the lips of her dampened pussy and tongue-fucked her, feeling her clitoris harden and swell in the process. Then he wrapped his lips around her package, plump and juicy and aroused, and sucked her for several minutes until she came, and with squeals and tremors, she released her liquid onto him.He climbed on top and his cock slid with ease into Lorna’s soaked cunt. He gripped her buttocks and fucked her hard, and in less than a minute grunted like a bear in a trap and shot his semen into her.It was a quickie by their standards but they both knew when Savannah was due home. They showered together and enjoyed washing each other’s parts. Lorna enjoyed washing Alex’s cock, but the more she washed it, damn it, the more of it there was to wash! Alex especially liked washing the crack of Lorna’s ass.“Go ahead,” Lorna said, turning to face the tile wall.“What?” Alex asked.“Fuck it. You know you want to. I want you to, but hurry up.”Alex put the head of his dick to the hole of Lorna’s ass. She pulled her cheeks apart and Alex pushed in, and he hurried up and washed out Lorna’s asshole with his cock.----Alex ate a bowl of chili and half of a wheat baguette at the kitchen table and filled Lorna in on his day.“I gave my two weeks’ notice today,” she said.“Good news!”“This better work.”“It will, we’ll make it work.”Lorna gave Alex a deep, make-out kiss at the front door as he was leaving in case some nosy neighbors were watching. Savannah came home about ten minutes later.Later that evening Alex called Lorna.“Will you and Savannah be home tomorrow night?” he asked.“I will, I’ll have to ask Savannah. Why?”“I’m going to bring dinner. And I want to talk to both of you.”“Let me check. Savannah, will you be home tomorrow night?” she called. Alex heard Savannah reply in the background but couldn’t make it out. “She gets off at six,” Lorna said.“Okay, good, I’ll come over at six-thirty. What kind of food do you feel like?”“What kind of food? I don’t care.”“Chinese!” he heard Savannah yell. “With seafood!”Chinese with seafood it would be.----The next evening, after spending the afternoon having a trailer hitch installed, he ordered the food and took it over to Lorna’s. The dining room table was set. They sat down and started eating, sharing various uninteresting tidbits from their days. Lorna got to the point.“So, Alex, what is it you wanted to talk about?”Alex put down his fork—he’d never learned to use chopsticks—and took a sip of water.“Well,” he said, "I’ve been thinking. Savannah, I guess your mom has told you about this business we are starting up.”“Food carts,” she said.“Right, food carts. Selling your mom’s Chiligumbo and whatever else she whips up. And I have a proposal for you if you would join us and help in the business.”“You want me to sell hot dogs and Chiligumbo?” Savannah had an unimpressed, blank stare on her face.“Let me ask you a question,” Alex went on. “Can you still enroll in college for the fall semester?”“I could if we had the money, there’s still a few days before classes begin. I was accepted at the local campus of State back in May. That was when we were still hoping Daddy-O would help out.”“Here’s my idea. I’ll front the money to pay for your school if you help in the business, and you’ll get paid, of course. We are going to need people we can trust, we can’t do everything ourselves.”“How can I go to college and study and still work for you?”“Very carefully,” Alex said, with a smile, and Savannah chuckled. “Seriously, school comes first. Just schedule the time around your classes like any other part-time job.”“Alex, we can’t let you do this,” Lorna said. “You…”“Of course you can!” Alex interjected. “Savannah can be a big help… cooking, prepping, working a cart, weekend festivals. Plus she can go to college and work when she can.”“Why would you do this for me?” Savannah asked. Her eyes were big and round and brown and moist.“There are several reasons. The main one is this: I went to college, so I know what a great experience it can be. But when I attended I knew a lot of people who were just going through the motions. They were in college because it was expected of them. But they were partying, getting high, skipping class, just coasting on auto-pilot. But here you are, someone who really wants to go to college, a serious student who deserves to go, but can’t because of money. That’s not right. It would be a waste in my opinion. So, you help us and we’ll help you.”Savannah looked at Lorna. “What do you think, Mama?”“Another idea I had,” Alex said before Lorna could answer. “A college cart. Where half the profit goes directly into a fund for your college expenses. You work the cart, get paid, get the tips, and save for college and grad school and whatever. And I know a great spot right by the campus that we can get to set up shop.“Wow, Alex, sounds like you have it all worked out. You said there were several reasons?”“Like I said, we’re going into business and need people we can trust and we can help each other. Plus, I’m in love with your mother and I know how much she would love for you to have the opportunity to get a college education.”Savannah turned to her mother. They both had eyes like saucers.“He loves you, Mama, I told you!”Lorna looked at Alex. “And when were you planning on telling me this, Alex?”“I’ve been trying to get up the nerve,” he said sheepishly.Lorna laughed, got up and walked around the table. “I love you too, Slick,” she said, sitting on his lap and planting a hard French kiss on his mouth. She turned to Savannah and said, “You’re going to college, girl.”Savannah started laughing and hooting and hollering and dancing around the room. Then she broke into tears and hugged Lorna and Alex and covered them with kisses.Alex pulled his wallet out of his pocket and took out a check and handed it to Savannah.“Here, just fill in the payee and the amount. And don’t rip me off.”Savannah got a fearful look on her face. Alex grinned and kissed her on her forehead.----Over the next few days, Alex was a whirlwind of activity as he prepared to open for business. He took delivery of their first cart and placed an order for another. He priced and stocked up on canned drinks, bottled water, chips, cakes, hot dogs, sausages and buns and all the ingredients on Lorna’s shopping list.He rented a small commercial space with a kitchen and equipped it with storage racks and an extra used freezer, fridge, and electric stove. When Lorna wasn’t working at the restaurant she made soups in large pots and put them in containers to be frozen.“What should we call ourselves?” Lorna asked Alex. “Business needs a name, right?”“Yes, Lorna’s Chiligumbo.”“Are you sure?”“Yeah, why not? It’s your food, people should know that. You don’t like it?”“I was thinking, Redbone’s Chiligumbo. Sounds like food… soulful… funky.”“You want to use the nickname that asshole George gave you?”“Yes, it will piss him off, don’t you think?”Alex laughed and said, “Yep, I bet it would. Redbone’s it is, you talked me into. I’ll get the cart painted.”----By the time Lorna’s last two weeks at the restaurant were up, the first cart was in business. Lorna and Alex worked it together the first few days to learn the drill. Savannah observed when she could—she had scheduled her classes early and late in the day leaving middays open. Alex played clarinet sometimes to attract the attention of passersby.Their first site was near the post office. The first day, a Monday, they started at 10:30 a.m. and stayed until two p.m. After costs, their profit was $208 plus $22 in tips. The next day they ran out of soups at 1:15 and hot dogs a few minutes after that; their profit was just over $300 and $32 in tips. They started bringing an extra cooler of food in the following days so they wouldn’t run out.“This is amazing!” Lorna said on Friday afternoon when they were tallying the receipts. For the week they’d made almost $1200 in profit and over $100 in tips. “And to think how hard I had to work at Bertha’s just to make sixty or seventy dollars in tips!”“And this is just one cart,” Alex said. “Wait until we have a whole fleet! Although this is a prime location, I’m not sure we can expect them all to do this well.”The next week the take increased by over fifteen percent, as the weather was good and more people discovered them. Some people inquired if they could buy the Chiligumbo, chili or gumbo in bulk so soon Lorna was taking orders for premade containers.Three weeks later their second cart was delivered. Alex had it painted with their new ‘Redbone’s Chiligumbo’ logo in bright red and ‘College Cart’ in small block letters, and he spent a few hours training Savannah. With her class schedule, she would be able to work the cart from about 11:15 until 1:45. Alex would stock it, deliver and pick it up.“You know Alex, you and Mama are working so much together, you should be sleeping with her every night,” Savannah said casually as Alex was showing her how to slip bills into the built-in safe.“Huh?” Alex said, stunned.“Yeah, you should move in. You guys work hard and I know you two are having sex all the time, no reason you should have to sneak around to get down.”“That wouldn’t bother you? It’s a pretty small house and it’s just been the two of you for so long.”“Nah and I’m out a lot anyway with school and everything else. And I’ll get a pair of earplugs for when you all are doing it.” She grinned.Alex laughed and said, “You know Savannah, you are one cool young lady,” and hugged her.----Savannah’s cart made money from the start, although the gains were more gradual. Within two months a third cart was ordered. Alex’s goa
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l was to have six carts in operation after one year, and twelve after two years. He started hiring part-timers, preferably students or senior citizens, but he needed to find people who were honest and could work fast to maximize sales during what were very short business days.Lorna noticed that, as business grew and the income and challenges increased, Alex’s sex drive became even greater, and more intense. It was like a need he had like food or water or air. Lorna was sore most of the time from fucking, orgasms and cocksucking. Her pussy had never seen such action, Alex’s cock stabbing her, filling her up over and over until he shot his seed, and him eating her and sucking her sauces until she exploded in his face. And her asshole was getting a workout too; Alex never missed a chance to slide his widebody in and out of her butt.But she wasn’t complaining; she’d never had such incredible sex in her life and she planned to keep on pleasing her man. Lorna was the most-fucked woman in the city outside of a hooker, she was sure of it. The more she fucked Alex, the more energy he seemed to have.Over the next eighteen months, they added seven more carts and had ten operating around the local area. All were profitable, some more than others, but the money was rolling in. The business was definitely working. They had a number of part-time employees selling and preparing the food and stocking the carts. Lorna oversaw all the cooking.Lorna had been bugging Alex for them to take a vacation. No soups, no dogs, no carts, just the two of them. It was the dog days of summer so they made reservations at an island resort. The plan was simple: relax, lie around the pool, take long happy hours and casual dinners, and make love.----They flew in at around 2:30 p.m. local time. After a death-defying cab ride, they got to the hotel at around three, which was check-in time. They had a deluxe room overlooking the blue ocean, equipped with a stocked bar, Jacuzzi, kitchenette and champagne on ice.Lorna sat on the side of the bed and pulled Alex by his belt so he was standing before her with his crotch in front of her face. She unbuckled him and opened his fly.“You’ve earned this vacation. We both have. I’m gonna start it off right,” she said.Lorna pushed his pants and boxers to the floor. She slid her butt to the very edge of the mattress and pulled him close. She fondled his penis, kissed it and gently sucked his balls into her mouth. It quickly took shape and she traced her tongue along the length of it. She stuck her middle finger into her mouth and sucked on it, soaking it with her saliva and the placed it at the rim of his sphincter. Alex sighed with a loud, breathy rasp when she pushed her long finger in.She took his now-stiffened cock into her mouth and sucked him and fucked his ass with her finger and Alex could feel the piercing jabs of her fingernail deep inside him. Then they became one, working together as they had countless times before, in their yin/yang, black/white, salt/pepper carnal harmonic balance.Bonded and blended, Alex’s hands were on the back of Lorna’s head, his cock fucking her face, her finger fucking his ass, and her mouth sucking him, drawing up his cum like an oil drill digging for crude. They swayed and pumped in unison and Lorna’s gurgles and gags were punctuated by Alex’s grunts and the slapping of the flesh of face and groin.A low groan came from deep down in Alex’s gut. Lorna sucked and reamed him harder and Alex’s legs half-buckled as he shook and swung his ejaculating meat into her mouth, and he released spurts of sperm into her mouth and throat.When his hose was empty, she continued sucking, getting every drop, and then licked off the excess that had escaped her mouth. She stood and kissed him, ramming her syrupy tongue into his mouth, her finger still wedged all the way up his ass.“What a way to start a vacation!” Alex said, beaming.“Thought you’d like it, baby. Now let’s go hang out by the pool for a couple of hours before dinner.”----They spent some time poolside sipping cocktails under a big umbrella—Alex was not much of a sun-worshipper—and then had a nice dinner at a table with a panoramic view. They went back to their room for dessert: pussy and ass for Alex and more cock for Lorna. After, they were lying in each other’s arms.“You know something, Lorna? Without being crude, the first time I saw you I knew I wanted to fuck you. I didn’t think I ever would, but even if I had, I never could have managed it would be so good, that you’d be so good. And so addictive. You’re a sexual dynamo.”“Oh, please,” Lorna said.“No, you are! I can’t believe I have you.”“You’re not too bad in the old sack either, and I’m glad we have each other. I gotta please my man. I don’t want to lose you.”There was an awkward silence as the words hung.“What do you mean?” Alex asked.“Just what I said. The way to a man’s heart is through his penis, so I want to please you. I don’t want to lose you.”“Lorna, why do you say that? You’re not going to lose me. I worry I’ll lose you.”“I love you but sometimes I worry I’ll lose you,” she said softly.Alex rose up onto his elbow and looked at her. “Why do you say that?”“Do you ever think about having children? Did you think you would be a father someday?”“I guess when I was younger I did. But I haven’t thought about that for a long time.”“Why, because I’m older?”“No, not really that. I just figured that you’ve already done that…and did it well, by the way, Savannah is an incredible kid because of you… and you wouldn’t want to do it again.”“I have thought about it,” Lorna said. “I’d love to have a child with you. And I’m afraid you are going to want to have children but I can’t give you any.” She cried softly.She explained about some female problems she’d had in the past and the operation that would prevent her from becoming pregnant again.Alex kissed her and held her tight until she calmed down. They talked in bed for two hours about adoption, about surrogate mothers, about whether Lorna really wanted a new baby in her late thirties. Alex assured her that when he fell in love with her, having a baby was not even on his radar. But he could tell her emotions were mixed.He started kissing her again. First on her lips, but then her neck and her revived nipples. Lorna moaned when he slipped his fingers into her vagina. She again was sopping. He mounted her missionary-style and stuck his expanded cock into her. They made love again, slowly fucking, building toward their climaxes.All the while Alex was cooing sweet and salty in Lorna’s ear, telling her how hot she was and how much he loved her and loved kissing her and how good of a fuck she was. How much he loved eating her pussy and sucking her clit and loved the way she pleasured him with her mouth. He treasured fucking her like he was now and licking her ass and putting his cock up there. She made him feel so desired and so loved he would never leave, kids or no kids.----The vacation was a welcome diversion and it ended all too soon. The days ran together, a collage of swimming, touring, eating, drinking and fucking. Then they were back to work.All of the carts were staying busy and making money and they had a reasonably stable group of employees that were working out. Savannah was doing especially well in school and with her college cart. She worked school days, weather-permitting and was constantly seeking out weekend venues to make more and more money for herself and her college fund. Her cart had paid for all of her college expenses to date, and had a hefty surplus as she headed into her junior year.One Sunday afternoon while Savannah was out with friends, Lorna and Alex had a little horizontal rodeo in their bed. While lying together basking in their after-sex glow, their conversation drifted back to the issue of children. No matter how much Alex tried to assure Lorna that he loved her with or without kids and was fine without, Lorna couldn’t shake her fear that one day he’d change his mind and she’d be unable to deliver. They talked again and rehashed all the things they’d said before. They agreed that adoption was a bad idea: despite all the screening they still would not know what they were getting.A surrogate would be a crapshoot too: half of the gene pool would be an unknown, and probably not the better half. And even if they went that route, and all of the expense, what if the mother had a change of heart and decided she couldn’t give up the baby after carrying it? Who needs that kind of angst? They would be accepting of their fate and be thankful that they had each other and a successful business.Lorna and Alex didn’t realize that while they were in the midst of their throes and voicing their noisy comings, Savannah had returned and slipped into the house unheard. And standing in the hall just outside their bedroom door, which was ajar, she had heard their whole conversation.----Over the next few days, Savannah thought a lot about the conversation she’d overheard and it saddened her. Her mother wanted to have a baby with Alex but was unable to. Alex said he was okay with the idea of not having a child, but she had a feeling that maybe he was being a stoic to reassure her mother. She thought about the struggles her mom had gone through to provide for them for years with limited assistance from her father. But they’d done okay. And then Alex came into their lives and things had gotten better, life became easier in many ways.She was doing well in college, on the Dean’s List, thinking about graduate school, and was earning and saving good money for her education thanks to Alex’s business plan, which initially seemed so bizarre. After days of deep introspection, Savannah told her mother she had something on her mind and wanted to talk to them.----She sat them down in the living room, Lorna and Alex on the sofa and Savannah in an armchair that she’d scooted closer so she could look them both straight in their eyes. Alex sipped beer from a long neck.“I want to start with an apology,” Savannah said. “I came home last Sunday afternoon and your bedroom door was open a few inches. I heard you talking. And I’m sorry, but I listened.”Lorna and Alex looked at each other. They both had puzzled, deer-in-the-headlights looks in their eyes.“You were talking about a child, a baby,” Savannah continued. “I heard it all, forgive me. I couldn’t stop listening. Because I found out my mother wants to have your baby, Alex, and can’t. And you say you don’t care either way, but my gut tells me you’d love to have a baby with my mother if you could. And you don’t want adoption and don’t want to risk a surrogate. Am I close so far?”Alex and Lorna nodded and held hands.“So here is what I wanted to talk to you about: I want to carry your baby.”The bomb dropped and a silence ensued.----“No way!” Lorna said. “Thank you, honey, but it’s out of the question.”“Yes, Savannah. Thank you, but that’s not…”“Why, Alex? You two love each other! She’s my mom! I love her too! I want her to be happy. You make her happy. You’ve done so much for me. I want to help you.”----“Mama, listen. You love Alex, I know that. I love him too, I’m in college because of him. What he did is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. You want to have his baby and can’t, but I can. I’m half you!”“Honey, you’ll never know how much it means to both of us that you even thought of the idea, and it just touches both of us so deeply that you’d offer. But you have your own life to live, you have your studies. You don’t want to take nine months out of your life and be pregnant and deal with the doctor’s appointments and the morning sickness and…”“Mama, I’m in a position to help, and I really want to. And I think it would be a great experience. I would be doing something wonderful. It would make me feel so good to help you and Alex. Please let me help you. I would feel like I’m giving back. If I could get pregnant around Thanksgiving I would have the baby next summer so it would only affect me during one semester.”“You’ve really thought this through, haven’t you?”“Yes, I told you I had.”“But the surrogate process takes time, the agency…”“Mama, we don’t need all that. You don’t need them. They screen people and hook you up with them and monitor the process. You already have the perfect surrogate: me. Plus I’m just dying to see what kind of baby we can make with a man as white as Alex!”Lorna laughed and shook her head. “We’d still need them for the insemination, and it’s bound to be a long, drawn-out process...”Savannah shook her head. “We don’t need all that. Why can’t I just fuck him?” she asked.----Over the next couple of weeks, every time Alex and Lorna made love there was a cloud hanging over the bed: the cloud of Savannah’s offer. The more they talked about it, and the more they appreciated the magnitude of it, the more they reiterated to themselves that they could not let her do it.And then there was the prospect of Alex sticking his dick inside Lorna’s daughter, perhaps multiple times. Alex remained fairly mum on that subject, although Lorna gradually became more accepting of it.But at the same time, the more they talked about it, the less outlandish the idea seemed, and the more open they became to the thought of it. Finally, they agreed that if Savannah was truly willing then they would be too.----“Savannah,” Lorna began, “Alex and I have agonized over this for the last two weeks. We have talked about it until we were blue in the face. And as much as we’ve tried to tell ourselves no, this isn’t right, this isn’t fair to you, we have agreed that we would love to take you up on your incredible, loving offer if it still stands.”They were all seated at the dining room table.“Of course it still stands,” Savannah said. “I was dead serious. I wouldn’t change my mind.”“Okay, good. But there are some conditions we will insist on,” Lorna said.“All right, what are they?”“Number one,” Alex chimed in, “We are going to pay you for it just like we would any other surrogate.”“Alex, I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing it because I love you guys and I want to help and make you happy.”“I know and thank you, but that’s not negotiable,” he said. “You can do whatever you want with the money. You can use it for school, spend it, donate it to charity, it’s up to you. But your life will be altered for a few months so you deserve it. Your mother and I wouldn’t feel comfortable any other way. Okay?”“Okay. What else?”“Two more things,” Lorna said. “I will supervise the whole procedure. And I will be in charge of foreplay.” They all chuckled at that.“Sounds like a plan,” Savannah said. She rose from her chair and gave her mother a hug and a kiss. Then she hugged Alex and said into his ear, “Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. An appropriate occasion to do it, don’t you think?”----There was an exciting tension which increased day by day the closer they all came to their moment of truth. They had decided on Wednesday night.Savannah was lying on her bed. She wore only a white t-shirt. She was covered up to her waist by a sheet. Alex wore a t-shirt and a pair of gray sweatpants with a drawstring around the waist. Lorna sat on the edge of the bed.“Are you ready, Honey?” Lorna asked.Savannah nodded and said, “Yes, I’m ready.” Her eyes were wide with anticipation.“Do you want me to mask your eyes?”“No, I want to watch. I want to see your faces. Your smiles.”“Okay, I’m going to get Alex ready now.” Lorna pulled Alex closer so he was standing right in front of her, his groin inches from her face. She stroked his cock through the soft cotton as she untied his pants and then she pulled them down and took him into her mouth.Savannah watched as Lorna pulled down Alex’s pants and stared at the back of her mother’s head as it bobbed slightly as she sucked his cock. She fingered herself beneath the sheet.Within a minute and a half, Lorna removed her mouth from around his cock and Alex moved into position at the foot of the bed and Savannah saw his hardened cock for the first time.“Wow, Mama, now I know one of the big reasons you love Alex so much!” Savannah said with a grin.“You hush, girl,” Lorna said, laughing.Lorna pulled the sheet aside revealing Savannah’s naked bottom half. Alex's eyes viewed Savannah’s clean, nubile pussy, and he scooted closer on his knees so his cock was now inches from it.Lorna squeezed Savannah’s hand with her left hand and guided Alex’s cock with her right.“Is it okay if I enjoy it?” Savannah asked, her voice cracking.With a weary smile, Lorna said it was.“I love you, mama.”“I love you too, baby. And Thank You.”“I love you, Alex,” Savannah said, her eyes wide and wet and staring right at him.“I love you too, Savannah. You are a wonderful young lady.”He kissed Savannah gently on her lips. Lorna directed his cock into Savannah’s vagina, which was already wet. Alex closed his eyes, pushed himself all the way in and they started fucking.

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