Four blacks fuck her wildly on a bitch who is not afraid of big cocks

Four blacks fuck her wildly on a bitch who is not afraid of big cocks

In a time not long ago, a young girl named Goldilocks had just turned eighteen. It was a warm summer day when she decided to take a stroll in the forest. It wasn't long before she noticed the aroma of food coming from the trees off to the right. Taking in a deep breath, her large breasts rose up and the buttons popped off. The warm air on her bare skin felt good. Being hungry, she followed the scent and stepped off the path, not bothering to cover up.It wasn't long before she saw a log cabin come into view. Goldilocks walked up the steps and turned the door handle to find it unlocked. Cracking open the door, she called out and when there was no answer, Goldilocks walked in.Entering the kitchen, there on the table were three porterhouse steaks. Being hungry, Goldilocks tasted the first steak and uttered, "Ugh, this steak rare!" She then tasted the second steak and uttered, "Yuck, this steak is well done." She tasted the third steak and exclaimed, "Yummy, this steak is done right!" She gobbled up the stake.Feeling tired, Goldilocks walked into the great room and saw three chairs. Sitting in the first chair, she declared, "This chair is too hard!" She went over to the second chair, sat down and mumbled, "This chair is too big!" Going over to the third chair, she joyfully shouted, "This chair is just right!" But alas, the chair broke apart and sent her sprawling onto the floor. Sitting there with her legs splayed, anyone looking would have seen her clean shaven pussy.Now Goldilocks felt not only tired, but sore from her fall. Getting up, she went upstairs and entered the first bedroom. Lying on the bed, Goldilocks tried to sleep but found it too hard. Getting up, she removed her shirt while going to the next bedroom. Lying on the second bed, Goldilocks felt horny and fondled her tits. Unfortunately, she couldn’t seem to get in the mood for self-loving. Getting up, she went to the third bedroom which had a large four poster bed. Goldilocks removed her skirt and shoes. Jumping in bed, to her delight, it is just right. Lying on her back, Goldilocks moved her hands over her tits, pinching her nipples. She squirmed on the bed as her hands gave her pleasure.While Goldilocks pleasured herself, the three lumberjacks arrived home to find the door slightly ajar. Entering the kitchen, Jack bemoans, "Someone's been tasting my steak.Axe groans, "Someone's been tasting my steak."Finn sobs, "Someone's been tasting my steak and they ate it all up!"The three lumberjacks walked into the great room, Jack bemoans, "Someone's tried sitting in my chair."Axe groans, "Someone's tried sitting in my chair."Finn sobs, "Someone's sat in my chair and busted the shit out of it!""That's it guys, let's check our beds!" Jack said gruffly as he headed toward the stairs.Axe and Finn were close behind and when they reached the first bedroom, Jack grumbled, "Someone's tried sleeping in my bed." When they got to the next bedroom, Axe grumbled, "Someone's tried sleeping in my bed." Approaching the third bedroom, they heard moaning and quietly watched Goldilocks withering about the bed as her orgasm ripped through her body. The three lumberjacks pulled their 'wood' from their pants and stood there jerking off at the sight of the naked girl.After her orgasm, Goldilocks lay still, fingers in her wet pussy and her eyes closed. "Someone's been in my bed and she's still here masturbating!" Exclaimed Finn, excitedly. Goldilocks rolled onto her side, pulling the bed sheet with her and covered the treasure between her legs from their lustful eyes. The three lumberjacks entered, cocks swaying with each step. Jack and Axe stood on either side of the bed and Finn stood at the foot of his bed.Goldilocks didn’t take her eyes off of their huge, thick ‘logs.’ In a sultry voice, she said, "Well guys, what are you waiting for? Let's fuck!"All three lumberjacks tore off their clothes, Finn dove between her legs and lapped at Goldilocks's pussy. Jack climbed on the bed as did Axe and Goldilocks could barely wrap her hands around the thick shafts. Slowly, her hands moved along the veiny shafts as the men reached down and teased her nipples with their fingers.Finn’s unusually long tongue felt like a cock fucking Goldilocks's pussy, going deeper than any tongue before. He rubbed the stiff love button with his finger as the other two lumberjacks were pulling, twisting her nipples and Goldilocks moaned, “Oh God, yes, harder, please.”Jack and Axe pulled so hard, they lifted Goldilocks off the bed. Her large t
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its stretched and then, without warning, they released their grip and she fell back onto the bed. Finn had moved up, aiming his ‘log’ at the opening to her pussy and slammed balls deep in one thrust.Goldilocks never lost her grip on the two other ‘logs’ in her hands and was stroking them with one purpose in mind, to taste their cum. But the three lumberjacks had something else in mind. Finn pulled his cock from the warm pussy and told Jack, “Lie on your back so she can fuck your cock. Axe, fuck her mouth with your cock, I’m gonna fuck her ass.”Jack lay on his back and Goldilocks slammed her wet pussy down his shaft, “Oh my God, you’re huge.” She squealed in delight. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the size of Finn’s ‘log’ and told him, “Please be careful, I’ve never had anything so huge up my ass.”“Not to worry little girl.” Finn said as he slowly pushed his thick cock past the puckered opening of her brown hole. She turned to face Axe, who was waiting with cock in hand. “Mmm, nice log.” She said, as her lips wrapped around the large head. Finn and Jack both started fucking her as she licked the head of Axe’s cock in her mouth. Goldilocks was determined to gobble up his shaft until her nose touched his abs.“Oh shit, her ass is tight.” Grunted Finn, as he held her hips in his strong hands and began to pound her hole.Jack matched Finn’s tempo as he pushed up his hips, shoving his cock deep into her pussy. “Her pussy is really tight, too.” Jack moaned out, as he fucked her hard.Goldilocks took the full length of Axe’s cock down her throat and was rolling his big nut sac in her hand. Axe gripped her head with his strong hands and pulled back so the head of his cock was still in her mouth. He then pushed hard, sending his shaft down her throat once again. The three lumberjacks were fucking all three of Goldilocks’s holes.“Mmpphh, mmpph.” Goldilocks uttered with her mouth full of throbbing meat.She was delirious with pleasure never experienced before as the three lumberjacks were reaching their boiling point. Goldilocks wanted all their hot cum filling her up. Jack, Axe and Finn sensed her wanton need and together they exploded their sizeable loads in her three holes.“Gaawwdd, I’m cumming!” moaned Finn, as his seed filled that tight little ass to overflowing. Cum was dripping onto the sheets and over his nut sack.Yeess!” exclaimed Jack as his load filled Goldilocks’s pussy to overflowing.“Aarrgghh, I’m cumming!” moaned Axe as he filled her mouth with his cum. Goldilocks tried to swallow all of it, but there was just too muchAt the same time the three lumberjacks were coming, Goldilocks was having one orgasm after another. Her body trembled in their hands as she moaned and groaned.“Oh fuck, you guys were something! Let me clean you up,” Goldilocks said, as Jack, Axe and Finn pulled their still hard cocks from her orifices. Goldilocks licked and sucked their cocks clean and when she was done, made a move to get off the bed.“Where do you think you’re going little girl?” The three lumberjacks chimed in together, as they grabbed Goldilocks and pulled her back to the middle of the bed.“I thought it best to leave, now that we have had our fun,” Goldilocks replied in a coy voice, not resisting their pulling her back on the bed.“Well, little girl, Jack still needs to fuck your ass and mouth. Axe here need to fuck your ass and pussy. I still need to fuck your pussy and mouth.”“Mmm, well if you’re ready, so am I!” Goldilocks exclaimed like a little girl in a candy store. "And what is your name, sir."“I’m Finn and what is your name?” Finn asked as the three lumberjacks climbed out of the bed and stood at the side.“My name is Goldilocks.” She said as she crawled over to them, licking her lips with her eyes fixated on their ‘logs.’ Looks like it’s going to be a long day and night, gentlemen.”The three lumberjacks all nodded their heads in agreement and the fun continued.  The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ** Copyright ©2017 All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.       

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