Cracked Pussies Are Fucked In Mojnegi's Ass

Cracked Pussies Are Fucked In Mojnegi's Ass

My name is Missy. I'm a blonde seventeen-year-old with a full figure. I'm an only child and my parents decided we should take a family vacation for Spring Break to Mexico. I really wanted to go to Cancun, but they decided on an all inclusive resort a ways away in Playa Del Carmen. We've been here a few days and I quickly made friends with a few other teens. The resort has a club, called a disco here, and my parents left the resort last night to go on a night diving excursion, so my new friends and I decided to go. You're supposed to be 18 to get in since they serve alcohol (the legal age to drink here is 18, not 21). However there wasn't a bouncer at the door and the bartenders weren't even checking IDs, so we had a few cocktails and danced a bit. My friends all found guys to dance with and they eventually left with one to head to the beach. Before long, I found myself by myself without any of them. Everyone there was older than me by a lot. The next youngest person after me was at least in their thirties, so I decided to head back to my room. As I left the disco, I noticed a guy was following me. I stopped and turned around to confront him. "Why are you following me?" He responded with a smooth tone in a language I wasn't familiar with. I think it was Spanish, but maybe it was Portuguese. I couldn't really tell. There were a few words he said that I did understand, like "bonita" means "pretty" and he said "protección" which sounded like "protection." He held out his arm as if to escort me, so I put my arm through it and lead him to my room. My parents got me my own room so they could have romantic time alone. Our rooms connected, but they were still out when we got back. I turned around to face the stranger in the doorway. He looked like he might have been in his forties. he was about six feet tall with black hair, but he had some grey sprinkled throughout. His skin was tan, but not too dark, and he had beautiful brown eyes. His face looked like it was clean shaven earlier in the day, but now he had short dark stubble. "Gracias. Buenas noches," I said to him as I opened my door. He brushed past me and entered my room and closed my door. "No," I told him, knowing that this was a universal word that he would understand. He came towards me slowly and I backed up into the wall and before I knew it, he was an inch away from my face, whispering something that sounded really romantic as he leaned in and started kissing my neck. It felt really good and his hands landed on my hips. I was wearing a purple dress and his hands slowly slid up to cup my 34D breasts. He gave them a gentle squeeze as his lips moved from my neck to my lips, kissing my softly and gently touching his tongue to mine as I kissed back. "Hermosas tetas," he said as he looked down my cleavage and pressed my boobs together. He slid his fingers under the straps of my dress and brushed them off my shoulders, sending it dropping to the floor. I didn't wear a bra that night and he kissed down my neck and collar bone to my breasts as he leant down to kiss and suck on my nipples. It felt so good and I stood there against the wall, letting the shivers course through my body with his touches. He stood up and unbuttoned his white dress shirt, revealing his muscular chest with big pecks and six-pack abs. His whole chest was covered with dark curly hairs that extended to his big arms and back. He threw his shirt to the floor and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me and holding me close against his body as he walked me into the bathroom and turned me around to see myself in the mirror with his arms around me. His left hand returned to my right breast as he groped it gently, while his right hand slid down my tummy and into my white cotton panties. "La vagina afeitada," he said as his hand started rubbing against my clit with some pressure. I had no clue what he said, but it felt so good and before long his fingers were spreading my lips and massaging between them, eventually sending his middle finger to my hole and pressing inside. I leaned back into him as I enjoyed his finger spreading my walls, which made me really horny. He removed his hand and bent me over on the bathroom counter as he peeled my panties off my ass and dropped them to my ankles. His hands spread my ass cheeks and I shuddered as hi
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s gruff face touched my cheeks and his tongue pressed against my ass hole. I'd never had my ass licked before and it felt really good, but was initially a shock. His tongue slid from my hole to my ass and back again repeatedly. His hand massaged my clit as he did this and I could feel my pussy becoming so wet that juices must have been dripping out by now. His strong arms suddenly picked me up under my back and knees and he carried me to the bed and laid me down. He dropped his pants and I could see a big bulge under his briefs. He peeled his underwear off and his big dick popped out. It was fat and long, at least eight inches, maybe nine. It was anchored by big balls and his crotch was harrier than his chest. He climbed on the bed, straddling me as he laid his cock between my breasts and spit on it, sliding it between my boobs. I watched as the head poked through them, spreading his urethra as it came out as far as it could before retracting back. "Chuparme la polla," he said as he leaned forward and held his dick in my face. I opened my mouth and began to suck on it, his big head filling my mouth. I had to open my jaw as wide as I could to take his big meat in my mouth and he slide it to the back of my throat and gently rocked it in and out of my mouth, getting it wet. It was way too wide for me to try to deep throat, and thankfully he didn't try to make me do that for him. He pulled out of my mouth and climbed between my legs, lifting them up over my head and forcing my ass into the air. He buried his face between my legs against my pussy, tonguing my hole and flicking it fast over my clit. He braced my butt against his chest as he reached his hands up between my legs and spread my lips as he spit in my hole and fingered it in. After about a minute, he returned my ass to the bed. "Esto afectará," he said as he pressed his big head against my hold and pushed it in. I gasped and grabbed the sheets, wincing as his monster spread me open slowly. I'd never had a dick so big before, and he seemed to understand that. He was as gentle as he could be, slowly sliding in and out, a little deeper each time. "Eres tan poco." He made a face like he was really enjoying my pussy as he kept trying to drive it deeper. He leaned into me on the bed and kissed me more, mumbling more words I didn't understand. They sounded romantic, but for all I know he could have been calling me dirty names. He eventually got his dick all the way in and he rocked me hard, moaning loudly as he pulled out and started to cum. His big load shot so far it hit my neck as it slowed down, spraying my tummy. He leaned in and kissed me as his hands rubbed the cum around my skin. His fat cock was pressed hard against my hip and it wasn't shrinking like the other guys I'd slept with. He rolled me onto my side and held me from behind as he put his dick back inside me and started humping me, rubbing my clit and playing with my boobs while he rocked me on the bed. I started to cum and he groaned and said something I didn't understand as his thrusts became more forceful. I was having the biggest orgasm of my life, shaking and sweating as he plowed me. I had to wriggle free to get his dick out of me for a second and I covered my hole, telling him I needed a break. He seemed to understand and he started kissing me passionately and playing with my boobs, leaving my pussy alone for two minutes. Then he rolled me onto my stomach and laid flat on top of me, forcing his cock into me from behind with my legs closed. He reached a hand under my chin and gently held my neck as he drilled me and I uncontrollably moaned. "Joder! Joder! Joder!" He kept saying that as his thrusts slowed down to a stop and I felt his dick spasm inside me, filling me with his cum. "Oh no! Oh no!" I kept saying as he pulled out of me and I felt his cum pour out of my gaping hole. "I didn't think you would be stupid enough to cum in me!" "Lo siento que puse semen en ti. Me tengo que ir ahora. Adiós." He smiled with a big grin as he wiped his head off on my leg, quickly put his clothes on, and left. I showered immediately after he left, gushing water up inside to clean out all of his cum. I'll have to take a pregnancy test as soon as I get home. I don't even know his name. It hurts to walk today, so I'm very thankful for room service.

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