The Great Gaoza That Makes You Worship Her

The Great Gaoza That Makes You Worship Her

The next few months followed as normal. There were many events in my junior year in high school that I enjoyed. Homecoming, Christmas Break and Spring Break came and went without any new adventures. Ben and I attended our first prom. It was a magnificent night that ended just like every other night we were together. Lauren and Jake were still going strong and as for my little group of friends, we were living the life. One thing that did happen during summer break was that I was invited to be a counselor at a camp that I had attended since I was a kid. I am not sure if I have mentioned this camp before, but it is on the Georgia and Florida border. It was a church campus, but a friend of my dad’s used it for a clinic for girls who wanted to improve their softball techniques. As campers, we would arrive on Friday morning and stay until Sunday afternoon. Friday and Saturday would be work, but Sunday was family day and the camp concluded with a softball game between two teams made up from the campers. I considered it an honor to be chosen as a counselor because it meant some time away from home. Plus, it would be a great entry on my college application, so I jumped at the opportunity. As a counselor, I had to be at the camp on Thursday to prepare for the campers. Upon arriving, I was joined by five other counselors. We were divided into two groups of three. Each group would work with one team during the weekend. Since I was new, I was placed with two returning girls. The first one was Allison. Allison was a senior in college and a know-it-all. This was her sixth year at the camp and she acted like she owned it. She had a pretty face, and she was big-boned. She had been my counselor a couple of times when I attended so she really didn’t respect me and treated me like a kid. The other girl’s name was Norma and it was her second year as a counselor. To me, Norma was the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She was of Hispanic decent, and her mocha skin and dark hair made it hard for me to keep my eyes off of her. Shortly after we arrived and were separated into groups, we went to work. We had to place the bases, chalk the infield lines and set out all the equipment. The humid weather had us sweating before lunch. Norma and I worked like dogs as Allison barked orders at us and scolded us for not doing things her way. Honestly if it had not been for Norma, I would probably not have stayed because Allison was really getting on my nerves. Norma and I kept ourselves entertained by making comments and making fun of her. It wasn’t very ladylike but it was the only thing kept us from knocking her head over the fence with one of the bats we were carrying. We finished up the preparations a little after 3:00 pm. Mr. Donaldson, the sponsor of the camp, gave us time to shower and was to take us to get some dinner. Norma, Allison and I walked into our cabin, tired, sweaty and smelling ripe. The cabin was an open room with the walls lined with bunk beds. In the middle of the room were the counselor’s quarters and the bathroom. The bathroom had doors that opened to either side. The other side of the cabin looked just like the other. Just like any other typical camp cabin. The counselor’s quarters had its on shower and bathroom. It had one set of bunk beds and a single bed. When we got to the cabin, Miss Bossy Pants, Allison claimed the private shower, so Norma and I gathered out clothes and personal items and went in to the cabin showers to freshen up. The showers lined each side of the wall, with a curtain to pull so you had privacy. While undressing, Norma and I continued to make fun of Allison. When we were naked, and with the water running, we both stepped into showers across from each other and began to wash without pulling the curtains closed. Soon, Norma was busy cleaning herself and as hard as I tried, I could not take my eyes off of her. Her body was covered in the most beautiful colored skin. Her hair went just past her shoulders and even when sweaty, looked shiny and silky. Her butt was heart-shaped and her cheeks were plump. Her waist was slim. Below her gold-studded belly button was a thin line of dark black hair that led to the top of her vagina. Her smooth lips were plump and joined with long toned legs. Her breasts looked like perfect cantaloupe halves attached above her rippled abs. Her areolas looked as dark as chocolate, topped off with pointy nipples. As her hand moved up her breast, I was looking her in the eye. I felt my face blush as I turned to keep her from seeing me blush. We finished our showers, and got ready to go to dinner. Dinner was uneventful. All the girls, Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson sat at a long table and talked about the upcoming days. Norma was sitting across from me, and I kept making glances at her and it seemed that every time I looked at her, she was looking at me and smiling. Our meal was served and the talking died down, as we had all worked up big appetites. Then we left the restaurant and returned to the camp to get some rest and prepare for the arrival of the campers. Sometime during the night, Allison became ill. She woke me up throwing up in the bathroom. I got up with her, while Norma went to get the Donaldson’s. Mr. Donaldson helped her too his car and took her to the emergency room. Apparently her dinner had given her a bad case of food poisoning. The hospital administered fluids to her, and gave her a shot of Phenergan to stop her vomiting, but told her to go home and rest. So when her parents arrived, Mr. Donaldson came back to the camp. With Allison’s absence, Mrs. Donaldson was put into her place to help with the activities, but as long as Norma and I could handle the cabin, we would be the only counselors assigned to it. We agreed that we could, so that was the way it was. Just before noon, the campers began to file in. It was a real mad house for a while as parents signed their girls in. Once the registration was over, the girls were led to their assigned cabins and were introduced to their counselors. After getting acquainted with counselors and cabin mates it was time for the work to begin. Stretching and base running was the first thing they all did to get loosened up. Then they were split by position to begin the skills part. For the next five hours, we all worked non stop and by 7:00pm, we were all dead tired. The girls were dismissed to go prepare for dinner. As the girls were getting ready, Norma and I took turns getting cleaned up ourselves. She showered and I watched the girls and handled any dilemma that they had and then I showered while she watched over the girls. Once everyone was ready, we walked to the mess hall, ate and then returned to the cabin. Lights out was 10:30pm, but most girls were out well before then. I was exhausted too, so as soon as the last girl was asleep, I was out like a light. Saturday was a crucial day at the camp. We had to get girls, who only yesterday were strangers, and work them into a team. We began a 7:00 am and because of the heat and humidity, we would take water breaks periodically. The pace and the obstacles were challenging, but shortly after the lunch break, Norma and I had our girls working like a well oiled machine. They were turning double plays, hitting the ball out of the park and making spectacular catches in the out field. Norma and I were pretty pumped up as we walked to the cabin to prepare for dinner. After dinner, we encouraged our girls to get to bed early. Even though they were exhausted, they were excited to be able to show off their skills in Sunday’s game. Eventually they all went to sleep and I lay down on my bed, exhausted. My body was exhausted but my mind was going a hundred miles and hour. In all my years of playing ball, I had never been the one that made the decisions, so my mind was calculating any and every thing that could happen and how I would handle it. I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours, and I finally gave up and sat up. When I sat up, my first thought was to masturbate. I knew that if I could concentrate on pleasuring myself, I would be able to relax and go to sleep. When I looked in the direction of Norma’s bed, my plans were ruined. Apparently, Norma was having the same problem as she was sitting on the edge of her bed looking at me. We exchanged our thoughts and concerns about the following day. After a while, our conversation started getting more personal. We talked about our boyfriends, friends and families, and before I knew it, she had moved from her bed and was sitting beside me on mine. As we continued to talk, she moved closer and laid her hand on my leg. It wasn’t anything that shocked me. She laid it there and it stayed just above my knee. Every so often as she talked, her hand would squeeze my leg. The shock waves that were shooting through my body just made it more evident that I needed
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to orgasm. There was a short pause in our talking and I took that as a good time to excuse myself and take a shower. To my dismay, she agreed that a shower would help her relax as well and stood up and gathered her things. I had planned to go into our private shower and take care of myself, but she suggested that we go into the cabin showers being it was so late. Disappointed, I agreed and gathered my shower things and we quietly walked out of our room to the showers. As before, we chose stalls across from each other. I went to close my curtain, when she suggested that I keep it open so we could talk. Again, I was disappointed because I knew seeing her body was only going to make my need to orgasm worse, but I agreed. I stepped under the water and my hands massaged my aching breast. I playfully pinched my nipples and felt my vagina twitch. Once I had rubbed my nipples rock hard, I turned around to wet the back of my hair. When I did, Norma was standing facing me under her shower. Her hands were kneading her beautiful breasts. My eyes widened as I watched her fingers pull and twist her nipples and her tongue slip across her full lips. I froze and watched her. Her fingers would twist her nipples and then she would release them. I could feel my moisture building inside my vagina and the urge to touch myself was almost more than I could stand. As I watched Norma play with her breasts, she began to walk toward me. As I watched her near, an uneasy feeling washed over my body and I began to step back. My slow retreat did not stop her and in a matter of seconds we were face to face. I stepped back another step and my back and butt was against the shower wall. My skin pressing into the cold wall increased the hardness of my nipples. Norma continued her prowl towards me, her mocha fingers never leaving her chocolate covered areolas until just before they touched my puffy pink breast. When our breasts touched, I could not help but moan. The sensation of her flesh against mine through my whole body into a frenzy. She leaned and our lips met. I had never in my life dreamed of kissing another girl, but her lips were like a magnet pulling mine to them. Her hands moved down my face, and arms and then to my hips. She pulled me close. My fingers ran through her black hair and down her spine. I wanted her closer - no, I needed her closer. We kissed for several minutes, our tongues grazing over each other as our hands roamed over each other's wet, naked bodies. She broke our kiss, and her lips moved down my neck. I could not control the actions of my body as my back arched, pressing my breasts towards her face. She obliged, and her warm lips wrapped around my breasts. I could feel her tongue circling around my nipple as she softly sucked. Ben always loved to suck my breasts, but he could not hold a candle to her. She had me rubbing my vagina over her thigh in minutes as my moans grew louder. Scared that we would wake someone, she pressed her finger into my lips, for me to be quiet. She took me by the hand and led me from the showers back to our room. We were still dripping wet and our towels and other things were still in the showers, but at that moment, all those details were irrelevant. Norma led me into our room. I stood and faced her as she shut the door and locked it. She turned to me and we stepped together. Our lips pressed against each others as she slowly pushed me to the bed. When the back of my legs hit the bed, I sat and she knelt down. My hands cupped her beautiful breast and as I felt their softness, I had to taste them. My lips left hers and I tried my hardest to repeat on her breasts the same pleasurable treatment she had given mine. Her breasts were larger than mine, but I managed to get enough into my mouth so my tongue could circle her nipples. Her fingers were pressing against my head through my blonde hair and from her actions, I must have been doing it right. She pushed against my chest, and I released her breast with a loud smack as the suction I had on her breast was broken. With me on my back, she kissed between my breast and down my stomach. As she nestled between my legs, her fingers traced my slit as she admired my smooth lips. With her brown eyes staring into my eyes, she lowered her face toward my vagina. Just before her lips touched, her tongue slithered out between her lips and touched my clit. Instinctively my back arched as I moaned. I gripped the sheets of the bed to keep my body from convulsing from the pleasure that went through my body. She began to lick and suck on my clit. Never in my life had I experienced such pleasure. I opened my legs as wide as I could. I lost count of the times she made me orgasm with her skillful tongue. I am not sure that it wasn’t just one long, mind-blowing one, but either way I could feel the juices flowing like a river from my vagina. She would slurp my juices then drive her tongue deep into my pleasure hole. I held her silky hair and rocked my hips against her welcoming tongue. Her kisses left my vagina and she kissed my inner thigh and licked the remnants of my juices. Then she pressed my legs over my head and lifted my hips. I felt her tongue slip from my vagina to my anus. I could not believe it when I felt her tongue slip between my cheeks, and touch my butt hole. As stated before, I had practiced anal play during masturbation, but to feel her hot, wet tongue against my tight butt was indescribable. My hips immediately began to buck, trying to get her deeper inside me. I could feel her tongue pressing against it as if she was prying me open. My body began to tremble violently. The legs of the bed were screeching on top of the tile floor. When my big one hit, I could not help but scream, and when I screamed, Norma quickly muffled my scream with her mouth. As we kissed, and my orgasm subsided, it dawned on me that my tongue was rubbing against the same tongue that had just been poking at my butt. The sickening feeling didn’t last very long though. Norma broke our kiss once I settled down. She moved around so that her vagina was inches above mine. I could have sworn I felt a drop or two of her juices drop from hers to mine, but my vagina was so wet, it would have been hard to prove. She pulled my left leg up against her chest and lowered her vagina to mine. She was as wet as I was, and our juices began to mix as she rubbed her wet lips against mine. She rocked her hips back and forth, then in a circular motion. I followed her lead and soon we found a rhythm. Our hips moved like a well choreographed dance and soon her black hair was tossing back and forth. I gripped her thigh and butt and ground my vagina upward. I could hear her breathing become staggered as her body trembled and soft groans came from her throat.When her orgasm hit, mine soon followed. She fell on top of me as both of us gasped for air. Once we settled down, she laid her head on my chest and we slept. The next morning, the alarm clock woke us both up. We hurried to get ready and to get the girls up and to breakfast. The parents began to arrive shortly after 10 a.m. As we coached our team, we exchanged high fives and air kisses as our team played their hearts out. The game was a close one with both teams really giving it all they had. We entered the seventh inning with five all tie. Our team pulled out a double play and ended the top half of the seventh only down by one. In the bottom of the seventh, the first two batters we sent to the plate struck out. With only one out left, the third batter hit a single and made it to first safely. The fourth batter stood her ground and ran the count to full. The pitcher went into her wind up and slung the prettiest fast balls of the day. Our batter took her stance, and swung. When the bat made contact, you could have heard it for a mile. The ball went up and continued to climb. The base runner rounded second, as the ball fell into the center fielders glove, right before she hit the fence. I do not know who was more disappointed, the team or Norma and I. After the game the members of each team exchanged numbers and email addresses with their team mates and left camp to return to their normal lives. A little bit later, after everything was put away and ready for next year, the counselors too departed. Norma and I exchanged one last kiss before I drove off. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch for sometime, but eventually our lives got in the way and we lost contact. I worked at the camp for 3 more summers, but Norma never came back. Every year, I arrived anticipating to rekindle the hottest night of my life, but every year I was disappointed. The night I spent with Norma changed my life. I loved the feel and taste of a woman and that feeling has never left. I still loved Ben, and none of my friends know about what happened that night, but it is something I will never forget.

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